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Ray Lewis Offers to Pay Half of Ahmad Brooks Fine


Stu Scott: Next up on Monday Night Countdown, we take a look at one of the more disturbing hits this week when Ahmad Brooks took a shot at Drew Breeā€¦ Ray: This is the most embarrassing call in the National Football League since the tuck rule and Tom Brady.

trent dilfer

Trent Dilfer called Richie Incognito “a turd” on Monday Night Countdown


Following the Dolphin's press conference this afternoon, the NFL Countdown crew took on - again - the bullying incident, hazing, and locker room culture.

xmas ape

Trent Dilfer, You Horndog


It took watching this GIF a half dozen times before I finally convinced myself that Dilfer is only turning to listen to Steve Young rant rather than watch the Titans cheerleaders prance off the field, but it's fun to believe he just trains his eyes on the squad for their exit from the field.

xmas ape

Oh Joy, Oh Rapture – Chris Berman Is Calling An NFL Game


Ever since ESPN assumed the responsibility of destroying the once-hallowed institution of Monday Night Football back in 2006, the league has granted the network a doubleheader the opening week of the regular season.

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