The ‘SNL’ Documentary ‘Live From New York’ Will Open The Tribeca Festival

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A documentary about 40 years of SNL will open the Tribeca Film Festival.

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Katie Holmes is a Sweet, Mass Murdering Teacher in this ‘Miss Meadows’ Trailer

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Katie Holmes plays a bloodthirsty - but tasteful! - vigilante in 'Miss Meadows.'


‘Epilogue’ Amusingly Shows What Happens To Heroes After The World Is Saved

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Wry anti-hero Skillman has finally killed his nemesis, recovered the MacGuffin, and kissed the brilliant and beautiful redhead. Now what?


New Allen Iverson Documentary To Premiere At Tribeca Film Festival


Debuting at the Tribeca Film Festival on Sunday night, IVERSON tells the story of the icon from Hampton, Virginia, who plied his trade in Philadelphia, Bubba Chuck himself, Allen Iverson.


The Director Of ‘Zombeavers’ Believes That It Could Get A Theatrical Release

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Despite having 'made for VOD' written all over it, the people behind the horror-comedy 'Zombeavers' have big screen hopes.


Dime Q&A: Lenny Cooke & The Filmmakers Behind His Eponymous Documentary

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The name Lenny Cooke has become part myth, part bogeyman and part warning to anyone that thinks talent, and talent alone, gets you to the Association.

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Film Premiere: Off the Rez Is Hoop Dreams Meets Glory Road

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A vicious cycle is defined as a chain of events in which the response to one difficulty creates a new problem that aggravates the original difficulty.

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L.A. Noire: Movie or Game?


You might remember that "L.

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Tribeca Film Fest forced to produce “A very serious drama about a man and his mustache”

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You may remember that a few months ago I directed you to a post our video editor, Oliver had written about American Express's My Movie Pitch contest for the Tribeca Film Festival.

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‘Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives’ ticks off trannies

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Set to premiere at the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival is a flick called Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives.

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