This Goran Dragic Music Video Is Pretty Catchy

Slovenian comedian Klemen Slakonja’s “Dragon, Dragone” music video pays wonderful tribute to Phoenix Suns guard Goran Dragic.


‘The Chase Is On’ Is The St. Louis Cardinals Playoff Song No One Asked For


"The Chase is On" is either an ironic viral mockery of the pious St. Louis Cardinals fans or just an awful fan tribute song.


With Leather’s Watch This: ‘Sign Vince Young’ Should Put Texans Fans On Suicide Watch


A fan's plea to the Houston Texans to sign Vince Young of course comes in delightful song form.

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Springsteen Sang The Band's 'The Weight' Last Night And It Was Pretty Great

Even though I wouldn't be willing to brave the rabid crowds at Jazz Fest to see Springsteen live, The Band's "The Weight" is one of my all-time favorite songs, so when The Boss' tribute to the recently deceased Levon Helm from last night's Newark concert hit the web this morning I was ready to share it with you guys ASAP.


Orlando Magic Fans Have Entered The Song Writing Stage


With All-Star Weekend’s magnificent machete fights behind us, NBA fans can go back to focusing on the only thing that matters: Jeremy Lin.

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Chris Cornell’s ‘I Will Always Love You’ Cover Is Unexpected, Breathtaking


I haven't been actively tracking Whitney Houston tributes, but I'm going to go out on a limb and tag Chris Cornell's cover of "I Will Always Love You" from a San Francisco Obama 2012 fundraiser this past Thursday night as the most surprising.

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Someone Made A Rap Song About Ron Swanson


Some things are too important to wait until the morning to post.


Singing His Praise: A Look At YouTube’s Love Affair With Tim Tebow


  If ever we hoped for God* to be a sports fan, let’s hope that he was wearing his giant foam finger yesterday as he browsed the Internet and checked the news at the Global Language Monitor.

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Prepare For This Tribute Song For Sam Weir From ‘Freaks And Geeks’ To Melt Your Heart

I'm not usually one for fan tribute songs, for whatever reason, but this since I'm a lover of all things Freeks and Geeks and since John Francis Daley's portrayal of Sam Weir -- the underdog guy always pursuing his dream girl while remaining loyal to his geek friends -- was something I could always relate to even though I was never really a "geek," Allie Goertz's tribute to Sam Weir above truly touched my cold, black heart, and it probably will touch yours too.

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