A Look Behind The Awesome Tribute To ‘Bullitt’ On This Week’s ‘Archer’

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The artists behind 'Archer' included an homage to the 1968 crime thriller 'Bullitt' in this week's episode, 'The Kanes.'

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A Celebration Of Our Favorite Moments Of Truthiness From ‘The Colbert Report’

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'The Colbert Report' writer Cece Lederer joins us in sharing our favorite moments from the show's 10 wonderful seasons.


You Might Cry After Reading Robert Downey Jr’s Goodbye Note To His Mom

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The side effect of seeing an actor's face on magazine covers and up on a screen as big as the moon is that we feel a sense of familiarity and we think that we can see all of their cracks.

#Robin Williams

Watch Billy Crystal’s Touching Tribute To Robin Williams At The Emmys

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Billy Crystal gave a personal and touching look back at Robin WIlliams at the 2014 Emmys.

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Robin Williams’ Daughter Zelda Writes A Heartbreaking Letter About Her Father’s Passing

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Zelda Williams, the 25-year-old daughter of Robin Williams, writes intimately about her father's passing.


An Anti-Tribute To Cosmo Kramer, The Worst Neighbor And Friend In TV History

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For Michael Richards's 65th birthday, we examine just how terrible of a friend and neighbor Cosmo Kramer was to Jerry Seinfeld.


Exploring The Curious Phenomenon Of Paul Walker Tribute Decals

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As far as we can tell, Paul Walker never said "If one day speed kills me do not cry. Because I was smiling," but that hasn't stopped people from putting it on bumper stickers.


Funny Or Die’s ‘RE2PECT’ Parody For Alex Rodriguez Is A Grand Slam


Whereas Derek Jeter's 'RE2PECT' tribute gave baseball fans the chills, this Alex Rodriguez 'F13K YOU' parody will make us all laugh.


DC Had A Change Of Heart And Will Let A Deceased Boy’s Memorial Depict Him As Superman

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An Ottawa man raised money for a deceased boy's Superman memorial, but DC was reluctant to approve the use of the S logo.


JTG Gets The 70s Folk Rock Tribute He Deserves In ‘The Day The Wrestling Died’

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This is easily the best Don McLean-themed parody tribute to the firing of long-employed wrestler JTG we've heard today.

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Richard Swarbrick’s Animated Tribute To Great World Cup Goals Is Simply Beautiful

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Animator Richard Swarbrick honored some of history's most iconic World Cup goals by giving them a more artistic look.


A Pittsburgh Elementary School Honored The Late, Great ‘Crusher’ Connor Michalek

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Connor Michalek, the 8-year old brain cancer patient who tapped out WWE's Daniel Bryan, was remembered on Thursday at his elementary school.


Watch ‘Buddhist Monks’ Breakdance To The Beastie Boys’ ‘Ch-Check It Out’ For MCA Day

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A group dressed as 'Buddhist Monks' and performed a breakdancing routine to the Beastie Boys' 'Check it Out' as a tribute on MCA Day.


Josh Reddick Paid Tribute To The Ultimate Warrior By Running And Looking As Weird As Possible

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Oakland A's outfielder Josh Reddick paid tribute to the Ultimate Warrior on an episode of Intentional Talk, facepaint mask and all.


One More For The Angel, Michigan State’s Tribute To Princess Lacey Is Amazing

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The Michigan State Athletics Department made a very beautiful and emotional tribute to Lacey Holsworth.

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Swiss Watchmakers Turn Deep Space Nine Into An Awesome Clock

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'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' was arguably the best Trek series. And now it has a ridiculously expensive tribute in the form of... a clock.


'Raise Your Glasses To One Of Our Greatest' With This Incredible Tribute To Philip Seymour Hoffman

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It had to be pretty hard to edit Philip Seymour Hoffman's greatest acting performance down to 22 minutes, but this tribute video is a wonderful attempt.


An Etch A Sketch Tribute To The Inventor Of The Etch A Sketch


A tribute to Etch A Sketch creator André Cassagnes, fittingly illustrated using (what else?) an Etch A Sketch.

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