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Josh Reddick Paid Tribute To The Ultimate Warrior By Running And Looking As Weird As Possible

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Oakland A's outfielder Josh Reddick paid tribute to the Ultimate Warrior on an episode of Intentional Talk, facepaint mask and all.


One More For The Angel, Michigan State’s Tribute To Princess Lacey Is Amazing

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The Michigan State Athletics Department made a very beautiful and emotional tribute to Lacey Holsworth.

Star Trek

Swiss Watchmakers Turn Deep Space Nine Into An Awesome Clock

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'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' was arguably the best Trek series. And now it has a ridiculously expensive tribute in the form of... a clock.

'Raise Your Glasses To One Of Our Greatest' With This Incredible Tribute To Philip Seymour Hoffman

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It had to be pretty hard to edit Philip Seymour Hoffman's greatest acting performance down to 22 minutes, but this tribute video is a wonderful attempt.


An Etch A Sketch Tribute To The Inventor Of The Etch A Sketch


A tribute to Etch A Sketch creator André Cassagnes, fittingly illustrated using (what else?) an Etch A Sketch.


A Scottish Man’s Car Caught Fire During A Tribute To Paul Walker

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In possibly the worst Paul Walker tribute imaginable, a Scottish fan of the actor revved his engine for 20 minutes until it burst into flames.


Feed Your Nostalgia With This Real World ‘Mario Kart’ Stop Motion Tribute Video

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This Mario Kart stop motion tribute video is lacking in budget, but provides a wealth of nostalgia.

arsenio hall

R. Kelly Performed An Emotional Tribute To Nelson Mandela On ‘Arsenio’ Last Night

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R. Kelly performed "Soldier's Heart," the song he wrote about Nelson Mandela, on Arsenio last night.


The Wildest Things In The World (Steve Irwin Tribute Remix)


A musical tribute to the legendary conservationist and crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin.


The Best Way To Pay Tribute To Lou Reed Is To Say Nothing At All And Just Listen To His Music

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The greatest way I can honor Lou Reed is by saying nothing more, and letting his music do the talking for me.

bill scheft

NYC Nurse: Lou Reed Was A 'F*cking A$shole'

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Unless you've been on another planet, you know that Lou Reed died yesterday. This is simply a reminder that not everyone liked Lou Reed.


Finally, ‘Anchorman’ Received The 8-Bit Video Game Treatment

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The <a href="" target="_blank">folks at CineFix</a> are responsible for spiking my Ovaltine with some happiness today, as they posted an “8-bit” video game version of Anchorman to YouTube last week, and if there’s anything my inner frat boy loves, it’s 8-bit video games (easy to play when hammered) and Anchorman (the babes at Tri Delt love when I quote it).

boston marathon

Boston Red Sox To Wear Tribute Uniforms Today


As yesterday’s manhunt for suspected Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev expanded throughout the neighborhoods of Boston and beyond, the Boston Red Sox and Bruins received notices from law enforcement officials <a href="" target="_blank">that the teams should postpone their games</a>, to which they complied.


Apple’s Steve Jobs Memorial


Today marks the one year anniversary of Steve Jobs' death.


NASA Remembers Neil Armstrong


NASA Television released this 13 minute tribute to Neil Armstrong (1930-2012) on Thursday, a day before the first man to walk on the moon was buried at sea.


Lower Manhattan’s Streets as Famous Musicians


To celebrate Lower Manhattan on 9/11, <a href="">cdza</a> plays songs by musicians that match its street names.


The Journey of Walter White


A fan's amazing tribute to <a href="">Breaking Bad</a>, detailing the complete transformation of Walter White over the show's first five seasons.


Michael Clarke Duncan (1957-2012) Tribute Video


Cinema recently lost a wonderful actor and  larger-than-life human being.

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