Watch New England’s Double-Pass, Trick Play Touchdown Against The Ravens

By | 24 Comments

Nobody's playing defense in this game and oh look, here's another trick play touchdown.


Here’s Arkansas State Pulling Off ‘Hide The Midget,’ The Best, Most Politically-Incorrect Football Play

By | 8 Comments

Arkansas State defeated Ball State in the GoDaddy Bowl, thanks in part to trick plays like 'Hide The Midget,' which can't possibly be politically correct.


Congrats Tumwater High, Your Bouquet Pass Is The New Play Of The Year

By | 5 Comments

The behind-the-back flag football Hail Mary already has a challenger for objectively unimportant but amazing football play of the year.


NPR Nancy Boy Decries Trick Plays

By | 20 Comments

By now, if you have basic Internet, then you’ve seen the clip of Driscoll Middle School’s football team pulling a fast one on their opponents, and if you search “Driscoll Middle School” or even “trick play” on YouTube, you’ll get 400 pages of “Greatest Trick Play Ever” and various other verbal celebrations and tributes.

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