Here’s A Guy Bowling A Strike From The Doorway Of A Bowling Alley Because YOLO

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We don't know WHY necessarily, but here's a guy bowling a perfect strike while standing in the doorway of the bowling alley.


Trick Shots Videos And Imagine Dragons Techno Remixes, Together At Last

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NNU's Baseball Cru got together to do a bunch of basketball trick shots, set to 'Radioactive' by Imagine Dragons. This is the new definition of 'bro.'


No Hyperbole: Harlem Globetrotter Trick Shots Is The Greatest Trick Shots Video In Internet History

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Uploaded three years ago to little fanfare, the recently rediscovered HARLEM GLOBETROTTER TRICK SHOTS might be the best basketball video on the Internet.


And Now, The World Record Highest Basketball Shot


The world record for Highest Basketball Shot has a new holder, an Australian named Kyle who drained a 98m shot.


This Turkish Frisbee Trick Is Hypnotic, Probably Impossible

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I'm assuming it's from Turkey because the video was posted in Turkish, but I could be wrong.

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