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Foxx – “Jigga Train” Video


Before getting all worked up, <a href="">Foxx</a> hasn't suddenly decided to diss Jay-Z.

Trill Entertainment

Foxx – “Stressed Out” Video

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<a href=""> My grandpa died in prison, I don't know what's worse/Doin' life in that bitch or livin' in the dirt? Every now and then, I'll give <a href="">Foxx's</a> 2007 album Street Gossip a listen.


A Trill Family Movie

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<a href=""> A quality hood movie is hard to come by. Not the Menance II Society's, Boyz In Da Hood's, Juice's, Paid In Full's of the world, nah. I'm talking more along the lines of Baller Blockin' and Killa Season. <a href="">Trill Entertainment</a> tries their hand at a hood classic on October 26 with the release of Ghetto Stories.


Webbie – “Money Getting Taller” x “By The Time”

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With <a href="">Boosie</a> going away for his government-sponsored vacation, his original partner in rhyme looks, <a href="">Webbie</a>, looks to fill the void and rep Baton Rouge.


Webbie Feat. Lil’ Phat – “Do It Bigger”

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More so than not, protege's never live up to their predecessor's hype.

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