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The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 1/19/15: I’ve Been Looking So Long At These Pictures Of Sting

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The Best and Worst of WWE Raw for January 19, 2015, featuring the Raw debut of Sting and like 85 minutes of old people talking.


Triple H Is The New Voice Of The Incredible Hulk Because Spider-Man Is A Lazy Millenial

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Triple H gets to play the Incredible Hulk,and yell at Hank Pym for being a B+ player or something.

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Triple H Broke Character During Raw To Make A Crying Child Feel Better

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Here's Triple H continuing to be the coolest guy in the world to little kids, even after he's made them sob.


The Best And Worst Of Smackdown 1/15/15: He’s Ready

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Daniel Bryan returns to the ring and Seth Rollins cuts a career-highlight promo on this week's THURSDAY Night Smackdown.

Daniel Bryan

If You Didn’t Miss Daniel Bryan Enough, Here Are His Thoughts On Brass Rings and NXT

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Daniel Bryan doesn't give a hoot about your brass ring. Never leave us again, please.


The First ‘WWE Immortals’ Gameplay Footage Looks Pleasingly Ridiculous

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The Bellas now have 20-foot vertical leaps and John Cena is running people over with jeeps, because Mortal Kombat.


You Best Believe Roman Reigns’ ‘WWE Immortals’ Look Is The Goofiest Yet

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You thought John Cena in a Superman suit was dorky? Just check out Roman Reigns.

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The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 12/29/14: Standing On The Edge Of Tomorrow

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The Best and Worst of WWE Raw for January 29, the final Best and Worst of Raw column of 2014. Daniel Bryan has good news and Cena sells out.


Dark Match Dungeon: Triple H Makes His WCW Debut

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This week in the Dungeon, we look back two decades at the young King of Kings.


Here’s The Brock Lesnar Hardee’s Commercial You’ve Been Waiting For

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Brock Lesnar (of all people) stars in the latest ad for Hardee's, shilling the Bacon Velveeta Patty Melt with repurposed WWE footage.


Adrian Neville’s Getting A New Gimmick On The Main Roster And Oh God, It’s Terrible

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Adrian Neville will be on WWE's main roster soon, and the plans for his character will make you wish NXT'd secede from the union.


Much To The Surprise Of No One, Hulk Hogan Says He Wants One Last Title Run

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Get Hulkamania a knee brace and some Aleve, because it wants to run wild one more time.


The 10 Best (And Worst) WWE Performers Of 2014

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Who made WWE programming worth watching this year, and who made us want to turn the channel?

BEST OF 2014

WWE’s Top 10 Matches Of The Year For 2014

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Here are our choices for the ten best matches of the year for WWE in 2014, from an Elimination Chamber gang war to the death of John Cena.

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Triple H Explained Why Charlotte Lost To Natalya On Raw, And The Answer Is ‘Because’

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During a media conference call to hype NXT R Evolution, Triple H attempted to justify the decision to have Charlotte lose to Nattie on Raw.


Kurt Angle Announced Where He’ll Be Wrestling In 2015 And The Answer Will Shock You

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After a year of teasing a return to WWE, Kurt Angle made an announcement about where he'll be wrestling in 2015. It's true.


On CM Punk, Triple H And The Meeting That Saved Pro Wrestling

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We look at how CM Punk's pivotal meeting in Cleveland at the beginning of 2014 changed the course of wrestling forever.


Movember To Remember: The 30 Greatest Mustaches In Pro Wrestling History

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To celebrate the end of Movember, we're counting down the 30 greatest mustaches in pro wrestling history. Who will be #1?

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The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 11/24/14: May I Lose Your Attention Please

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The Best and Worst of WWE Raw for November 24, 2014. Sting isn't here, but the Anonymous Raw General Manager sure is! RATINGS!

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