Ernest the Worrell'd Tour

Ernest, The Worrell’d Tour Part 5: ‘Ernest Scared Stupid’ Is Even More Traumatizing Than You Remember


It's all trick and no treat in Ernest Scared Stupid, the most frightening children's movie ever made.


Damian Lillard Adds To His Greatest Hits Of Twitter Troll Takedowns

If you come at Damian Lillard on Twitter, prepare to get burned.

one direction

Twitter Trolls Celebrated The Start Of One Direction’s World Tour By Pranking Their Fans

One Direction kicked off their worldwide tour last night in Sydney and some Twitter trolls pulled a mean Twitter prank for the occasion.

trollin trollin trollin in the west

Woman Criticizes Restaurant, Troll Owner Creates A Fake Dating Profile For Her

Because that's how you deal with your problems, according to insane troll logic.


ProView Vs. Apple: A Trolling Update

Recently we told you about how Apple was getting a taste of its own trolling, courtesy of a monitor maker you don't care about, ProView.

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