Angry Australian Gamers Want Target Stores To Change Their Name And Stop Selling ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’

By | 21 Comments

After a petition convinced Target to stop selling 'GTA V,' gamers launched two hilarious but poignant counter-petitions.

grand theft auto v

‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Players Can Make Even Unarmed Jets Ridiculously Dangerous


Jets in 'Grand Theft Auto V' don't just make great ways to escape the police; they make great blunt instruments, as this video shows.

#video games

A World Of Warcraft Player Hit Level 90 Without Choosing A Faction

By | 12 Comments

Meet the 'World Of Warcraft' player who absolutely refused to pick a side.

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Here’s Six Minutes Of Masterful ‘Watch Dogs’ Trolling

By | 3 Comments

'Watch Dogs' has multiplayer, which means trolling. As this video hilariously demonstrates.


Aaron Paul’s Xbox One Commercial Is Accidentally Turning On People’s Consoles

By | 31 Comments

Aaron Paul is showing off Kinect voice commands in an Xbox One commercial. Surely this will end well.

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News Station Simultaneously Trolls ‘Star Trek’ And ‘Star Wars’ Fans

By | 7 Comments

CBS Philly confuses 'Star Wars' with 'Star Trek', and we suggest even more troll-tastic photos for their 'Star Trek' and 'Star Wars' articles.


Colin Quinn Tweets Hilarious Sketches For Louis C.K. To Use On SNL

By | 7 Comments

Louis C.K. only follows one person on Twitter: Colin Quinn. Since Louis C.K. will host SNL, Quinn took to Twitter to suggest sketches C.K. could perform.


Meet Ken M, The Rembrandt Of Yahoo Comment Trolling

By | 31 Comments

You already know the comments on Yahoo! articles are filled with idiocy to be ignored, but the masterful trolling by "Ken M" makes us rethink our decision.


Meet Rachel, The Nice Lady From New York Who Tries To Explain Why She’s Camping At An Apple Store

By | 3 Comments

Sam Roberts interviewed people camping out to buy an Apple iPhone 5 in front of an Apple store in New York City. Rachel is our favorite.

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‘Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2′ Has Such Amazing New Features You Guys


Miracle Of Sound took the multiplayer trailer for 'Black Ops 2' and walks us through the amazing, totally real features you may have missed.

#video games

Fffffffar out, Cat Mario

By | 2 Comments

Syobon action is a free Japanese video game known for looking like Super Mario Bros.

#video games

We Need A Hero

By | 6 Comments

Youtube member Birgirpall has an awesome set of Battlefield 3 videos where he shows off impressive trolling skills.

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