Liza Minnelli’s Rep Is Totally Trolling Shia LaBeouf After That Broadway Incident

By | 4 Comments

Liza Minnelli's rep took to some classic trolling after Shia LaBeouf got thrown out of 'Cabaret.'


Here’s Six Minutes Of Masterful ‘Watch Dogs’ Trolling

By | 3 Comments

'Watch Dogs' has multiplayer, which means trolling. As this video hilariously demonstrates.


Aaron Paul’s Xbox One Commercial Is Accidentally Turning On People’s Consoles

By | 32 Comments

Aaron Paul is showing off Kinect voice commands in an Xbox One commercial. Surely this will end well.


Donald Trump’s Bloated Ego Hit New Levels Of Unintentional Hilarity Last Night

By | 5 Comments

Donald Trump is a parody of a parody of a parody, and now he's tweeting out fake-quotes he thinks he said.


Jon Bones Jones’ Troll Game Is Strong

By | 5 Comments

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Bones Jones responded to critics by making a whimpery voice and sticking out his tongue. GET 'EM.


Troll Your Friends Every Day With This Wonderful ‘Back To The Future’ Tumblr

By | 6 Comments

Since your friends will never stop falling for those 'Back to the Future' photoshops, take the trolling into your own hands by posting them every day.

call of duty

Trolls Discover A New Way To Drive Xbox One Owners Crazy

By | 18 Comments

The Xbox One was supposed to be free of trolls. Supposed to be.

greg benson

Allow This Prankster To Show You How To Effectively Deal With People Jabbering On Their Phones In Public

By | 2 Comments

People jabbering on their mobile phones in public are a menace. Watch one man attempt to defeat them.


Morning Links: Tottenham Mascot Girl Proves That Kid Trolling Is The Best Trolling

By | 5 Comments

A Tottenham mascot girl pulled the old 'nose trumpet' gag on Liverpool captain Luis Suarez, proving once again that kid trolling is the best.

paid reviews

Samsung Has Been Fined For Trolling Its Competition In Online Comments

By | 2 Comments

Samsung makes billions in profits and beats out even Apple in sales. And yet it's insecure enough to pay for praise online.

ip spoofing

Sneaking Back Onto A Website After Your IP Address Has Been Banned Is Now A Federal Crime

By | 5 Comments

If you decide to hide your IP to sneak back onto a website, you're going to make some new orange-jumpsuited friends.


Patton Oswalt Brilliantly Trolled His Twitter Followers With A String Of Two-Part Tweets

By | 46 Comments

Patton Oswalt is the King of Twitter (and Everything) for the stunt he pulled yesterday.

asiana airlines

San Fran Area News Station KTVU: Asiana Flight 214 Pilots Were Named ‘Sum Ting Wong’ & ‘Ho Lee Fuk’

By | 30 Comments

Bay area news station KTVU reported today that the Asiana Flight 214 pilots were named Sum Ting Wong and Ho Lee Fuk. Yeah.


A Proud American Beautifully Trolled His Canadian Buddy With This Canada Day Cake

By | 11 Comments

Impressive trolling skills are on display with this Canada Day cake passed from an American to a Canadian.


News Station Simultaneously Trolls ‘Star Trek’ And ‘Star Wars’ Fans

By | 7 Comments

CBS Philly confuses 'Star Wars' with 'Star Trek', and we suggest even more troll-tastic photos for their 'Star Trek' and 'Star Wars' articles.

cops be trollin'

NYPD Orders Cops To Stop Being Trolls On The Internet


The NYPD has issued a set of social media rules after a number of officers were found posting "racist and offensive comments" to Facebook.


Security Hole Forces Activists Off Facebook


Facebook trolling gets more complicated and, needless to say, political.


Guy Trolling Westboro Baptist Church Wins The Internet Today

By | 9 Comments

Not only are the members of Westboro Baptist Church terrible people, they also have an awful taste in music,

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