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Sasha Grey Is Now The Victim Of An Online Hoax Claiming She Has Been Murdered In Ukraine

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Sasha Grey is at the center of another viral trend connected to the conflict in Ukraine, this time involving her grisly death.


‘Stay On Or Get Off': Amy Schumer Responded To Her Trolls With A Semi-Nude Photo

By | 69 Comments

"I am a size 6 and have no plans of changing. This is it. Stay on or get off."

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This Anti-Vax Children’s Book Is Being Expertly Trolled In Its Amazon Reviews

By | 47 Comments

Melanie's Marvelous Measles is attempting to teach kids about the dangers of vaccines, but Internet trolls have a better idea.


Twitter CEO Dick Costolo Wants Trolls To Know He’s Going To Kick Them Off ‘Right And Left’


Fed up with the social media service's poor record for handling internet abusers, Dick Costolo told employees it's time to kick some *ss.


4Chan Founder Christopher ‘moot’ Poole Steps Down As Site Administrator

By | 13 Comments

4Chan's founder, Christopher 'moot' Poole is finally stepping down after years as the site's administrator.


Einstein Advised Marie Curie On Trolls: ‘Don’t Read That Hogwash’

By | 4 Comments

Einstein not only knew physics, he knew how to deal with trolls.


Kirk Cameron Tried To Flood RottenTomatoes With His Followers, Was Quickly Swamped By Trolls

By | 58 Comments

Kirk Cameron tried to game RottenTomatoes and got trolled, which was probably his long game all along.

#Video Games

SHOCKER: An Anti-Video Game Psychologist Turns Out To Be A Lousy Scientist


Brad Bushman is a respected psychologist. He also apparently thinks video games aren't worth a real scientific appraisal.


Robin Williams’ Daughter Is Back On Twitter, Refusing To Be ‘Bullied Into Silence.’

By | 10 Comments

Robin Williams' daughter is back on Twitter after leaving when some trolls started tweeting her fake autopsy photos.


A ‘Mario Kart’ Fan Wonderfully Trolled A Go-Kart Company’s Craigslist Ad

By | 2 Comments

It's a-me, the guy who trolled a Craigslist ad as a fictional character.


Let’s Take A Good Long Look At One Of The A-Holes Who Called P.K. Subban The N-Word

By | 44 Comments

Boston Bruins fans are being raked over the Twitter coals for racist comments about P.K. Subban, but some were simply trolls being trolls.


Obamacare Website Girl Says She Was Relentlessly Cyberbullied By Anti-Obamacare Morons

By | 38 Comments

The world is full of stupid people. Those who harassed this poor woman because a stock photo of her appeared on the Obamacare website are among the stupidest.


You Can Pay OKCupid Five Bucks To Filter Out The Fat And Ugly People

By | 6 Comments

OKCupid has decided it likes the shallow. Or rather, it likes the money of the shallow.


Why YouTube’s Attempt To Stop Comment Trolls Will Fail

By | 8 Comments

YouTube's comments section is the nastiest scum pit on the Internet. And despite YouTube's noble efforts, that's not changing anytime soon.

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Why Microsoft’s Attempts To Clean Xbox Live Won’t Work

By | 14 Comments

Xbox Live is, in some quarters, a scum pit. Microsoft has the good taste to be embarrassed... but it's refusing to do what needs to be done.


Skip Bayless 'Devastated' By The Spurs Loss

By | 15 Comments

This year’s NBA Finals, folks – they weren’t about the Miami Heat or the San Antonio Spurs.


Michelle Obama Handles A Troll In The Most Boss Way Possible

By | 30 Comments

Michelle Obama isn't afraid to get in your face because she's incredible.


Twitter Troll Gets More Than He Bargained For When Boxer Shows Up At His House To Beat His A$s

By | 27 Comments

Trolls of the world take note: it's getting harder and harder for you to hide in the shadows of anonymity. People like Curtis Woodhouse will find you.

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