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Well Played, Nick Saban. Well Played.

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Last year, the University of Alabama caused a minor sh*t storm when the football team set up a live cam to announce and introduce the program’s latest recruiting class on National Signing Day.

140 characters of ego

140 Characters of Ego: December Edition


Today is actually a very special day, as we actually make room for two awful trolls we somehow missed in the last year.


No, You’re Not a Journalist Just Because You Say You Are

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We usually take the side of the Internet when some blogger gets sued out of existence, but sometimes, the blogger is a total moron.


A Star Is Born

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If you would have told me on Friday that I would wake up on Monday and my first post of the day would have something to do with Kim Kardashian's wedding, I would have assumed you were a crazy person.

judicial takedowns

It's A Bad Day For Copyright Trolls


Hey, remember when <a href="">we talked about</a> how the only profitable copyright lawsuits these days were <a href="">porn lawsuits</a>, because most people didn't want to go through the embarrassment of admitting in public that they downloaded a dirty movie.

140 characters of ego

140 Characters of Ego: August Edition


Last month, we had the very best of the worst of Twitter, with <a href="">racist foreigners, fussy classist gay Brits, and way too many smart people trying to reassure themselves about their own intelligence</a>.

david fincher

Will Armond White ruin Social Network's 100% rating?

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David Fincher's The Social Network doesn't officially open until this Friday, but for weeks now it's been playing film festivals and special screenings (notice how a studio will bend over backwards to show you a film when they know it's good.


Armond White trollin': Calls Res Evil 'superior to Inception on every level.'

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I don't always agree with the things insane New York Press film critic Armond White says, but I will defend to the death his right to say them.


Armond White on Inception: Keep trollin’ trollin’ trollin’…

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I know people will say I shouldn't give <a href="" target="_blank">Armond White</a>, the troll king of film critics, more of the negative attention he so desperately craves, but I can't help it.


Dreamworks will feed the Trolls, then take a nap

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I can feel it, you guys, I think this is the year Dreamworks finally <a href="" target="_blank">catches up</a> with Pixar.


Armond White becomes 1st out of 135 critics to pan Toy Story 3

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As of five minutes ago when I was writing my <a href="" target="_blank">Weekend Preview post</a>, Toy Story 3 had 134 positive reviews and no negative ones on RottenTomatoes.

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