Myspace Tom Spends His Time Flaming People On Twitter, Chillin’

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Myspace Tom is now fully retired and just spends his days lounging by a pool while flaming trolls on Twitter, apparently. Not a bad life, really.


Is Rihanna Dry-Humping Chris Brown In This Instagram Pic Or Is She Trolling Us All HARD

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Personally, I don't know what to think, mainly because I have better things to do with my time than to think deeply about the status of Rihanna and Chris Brown's relationship.


Anderson Cooper Took Time Out From Dodging Bombs In Gaza Last Night To Eviscerate Some Twitter Trolls

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Reporting while dodging bombs would probably be too much of a task for a normal human being for them to have the time or inclination to flame wingnut Twitter trolls on the side -- but Anderson Cooper is no normal human being.


'Newsweek' Should Just Change Its Name To 'Trollweek' #MuslimRage

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This is what the once-proud newsweekly has become: Trollweek. This week it's the Muslims' turn, as evidenced by the cover embedded above.


VIDEO: Trolling in the analog age

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With trolling the hot topic on everyone's pussy lips after Rottentomatoes took the unprecedented step of suspending commenting on ALL Dark Knight Rises reviews this week, I thought it'd be fun to take a look back at the days when trolling took a little more work than simply firing off a misspelled death threat to some pinko who panned that batman movie you're pretty sure is going to be awesome.


Reason No. 4,651,763 Why Twitter Is Destroying Humanity

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That battered face above belongs to 26-year old professional poker player Sam Trickett, who claims on his Twitter account to be the most winning poker player in the history of Great Britain and Ireland.


NBA Draft Rumors: Another Reason Why Twitter Is Destroying The World

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Last week, I was giddy like a school girl when I saw that Jack McBrayer, AKA Kenneth from my favorite show, “30 Rock”, was following me on Twitter, because as someone who watches roughly 4-6 episodes of “30 Rock” each day, that would be pretty cool.


It's Gettin' Hard Out There For A Troll

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It's no secret, at this point, that trolling trolls are have had a detrimental effect on the internet, to the point that some people who run websites are considering shutting down comments all together because they've become too troll-laden and trolls ruin everything.


EA Gives Gay-Hatin' Trolls The Finger

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Remember when we reported on the Florida Family Association having the vapors over characters of the same gender in a video game tastefully implied to be doing it.


Comments of the Week, and Tom Cruise's greatest defender

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I know I failed to get your comments of the week post up yesterday, but that's the thing about Comments of the Week and periods, better late than never.


The Alabama Basketball Troll Went Linsane

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You may not know Jackson Blankenship by name, but you’ve definitely seen him by now.


Well Played, Nick Saban. Well Played.

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Last year, the University of Alabama caused a minor sh*t storm when the football team set up a live cam to announce and introduce the program’s latest recruiting class on National Signing Day.


140 Characters of Ego: December Edition


Today is actually a very special day, as we actually make room for two awful trolls we somehow missed in the last year.


No, You’re Not a Journalist Just Because You Say You Are

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We usually take the side of the Internet when some blogger gets sued out of existence, but sometimes, the blogger is a total moron.


A Star Is Born

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If you would have told me on Friday that I would wake up on Monday and my first post of the day would have something to do with Kim Kardashian's wedding, I would have assumed you were a crazy person.


It's A Bad Day For Copyright Trolls


Hey, remember when we talked about how the only profitable copyright lawsuits these days were porn lawsuits, because most people didn't want to go through the embarrassment of admitting in public that they downloaded a dirty movie.

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