The Hateful Eight

Quentin Tarantino’s ‘The Hateful Eight’ Will Be Released In Fall 2015 By The Weinsteins

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I wonder if I'll be able to hold off on reading the leaked 'Hateful Eight' script for a whole year?

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Arnold Schwarzenegger in talks to star in Toxic Avenger reboot. Wait, what?

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<a href="">Featureflash</a> / <a href=""></a> I don't know how to feel about this story.

#Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger Going From Terminator To Exterminator For ‘The Toxic Avenger’ Remake?

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is in negotiations to star as a mentor to Toxie in 'The Toxic Avenger' remake. (With bonus parody video.)


Ten Troma Films You Should Catch on YouTube

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Troma has uploaded a surprisingly large chunk of their catalog to see for free. Here are some of the best.


Part 3 of ‘GET OUT YOUR F**KIN CHECKBOOK’ coming to DVD

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If you like nunchuks, medieval speed metal, and dead burnt lesbians (and who doesn't.


More Charlie Sheen poetry: ‘Vaginal riots in the Middle East’

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I know we're all sick of Charlie Sheen news or at least pretend to be, but as the sticker on the back of my rascal scooter says, "I brake for poems.


Troma discovers 1989 film based on the poetry of Charlie Sheen

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Anyone who's heard Charlie Sheen's rants about F-18s and Warlock Torpedoes (so basically everyone) knows that the man has a way with words.


Comments of the Week

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Because you guys comment so righteously, I've got two prizes to give away.


Hot Tub Time Machine Director To Remake The Toxic Avenger…Really


If there is a list of movies that need a remake, it's safe to say that the 1984 Troma splatterfest The Toxic Avenger isn't on it.


A family-friendly remake of Toxic Avenger

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Toxic Avenger was released by Troma Entertainment in 1984 and went on to be their most famous title.



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This is the trailer for Troma Entertainment’s Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead.

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