My New Favorite Thing: TRON Hockey

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Quick, name four random things.


‘Girls’ As A Horror Movie, ‘ALIENS: Legacy’, And Other Mashups


Featured mashup videos of the week, including 'Aliens' plus 'TRON', 'Girls' as a horror movie, 'Pacific Rim' plus 'Powerpuff Girls', and another Source Filmmaker video.


Six Reasons You Should Watch "Tron: Uprising"

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Disney XD has quietly, and surprisingly, become a pretty interesting and dynamic network for animation.


Do Want: The Tron-Inspired Light Cycle

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Florida-based start-up Parker Brothers Choppers and Evolve Motorcycles bring a bit of Hollywood to life with the creation of the Light Cycle, a totally-electric motorcycle modeled after the legendary Tron vehicles.

Saints Row: The Third

New Saints Row Trailer Goes All Out Tron


Only the developers of Saints Row:The Third could come strolling out of a screening for Tron and think to themselves, "Hmmm, now how the hell can we incorporate that into Saints Row:The Third.

america's got talent

Aw, Poor Tron Guy

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Jay Maynard, better known on the Internet as Tron Guy, appeared on "America's Got Talent" last night when the show rolled through Houston (video below).

Charlie Sheen

Humpday Mashup Dump


Good afternoon you princes of Maine, you kings of New England, you stalkers of FIRST VIDEO: The original sound effect clips for Super Mario Bros.


Angry Birds Coming To Facebook (and other news)


Angry Birds has already spawned a <a href="../2011/01/the-next-hot-tv-show-angry-birds">TV show</a> and an <a href="../2011/02/want-to-see-a-playable-angry-birds-cake">awesome cake</a> and a <a href="../2011/01/finally-an-angry-birds-game-for-everyone-who-hates-video-games">table game</a> and a console game in development, so it was only a matter of time before Facebook got their paws onto it somehow, like a <a href="../2011/03/batcat-is-the-hero-gammasquad-deserves">puppy with an ice cube</a>.


Dude Goes All Out Tron With His Segway, Glowing Blue Lights Ensue


Surviving within the Tron film's gaming grid already seems hard enough to do, even with the help of rape deterrent mace Light Cycles and Light Jets, so hats off to anyone who wants to pursue that frontier on their Segway i2 Personal Transporter.


Tron Cat Presents The Links


Why "Schwartzenegger Vs.


Tron Guy Reviews Tron Legacy


<a href="http://www.wired.com/underwire/2010/12/tron-guy-reviews-tron-legacy/">Wired</a> arranged for Jay Maynard (the living meme who is <a href="http://www.tronguy.net/TRONcostume/">Tron Guy</a>) to see Tron: Legacy and report back on the enormity of his bespandexed nerd boner.


Playboy Does Tron

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Playboy slathered Playmates Irina Voronina and Sasckya Porto with Tron-inspired bodypaint and took pictures.

daft punk

Tron Legacy Clip Is All Fancy


As you might have noticed, <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/gammasquad/tag/tron-legacy">we're pretty excited for "Tron: Legacy"</a>, and Disney is just keeping the exclusive clips for various sites coming, which means eventually somebody will supercut them all together into one movie, but until that time, we'll enjoy what we have.


Something, Something…Street-Legal TRON Light Cycle (Videos)

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Original image By now, it should go without saying that Disney's TRON:Legacy looks like a pretty damn good time and while we ourselves may not be able to run amok inside a violent virtual world, at least now we can all pick up biker babes like we do -thanks in part to Florida-based bike shop <a href="http://pb.aardken.com//">Parker Brothers Choppers</a> and their fully operational TRON Light Cycle replicas.


Wait, Hot Women Strip You In Tron?


We bet the guys making <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/gammasquad/2010/11/say-hello-to-pron-the-tron-xxx-parody-pictures">that Tron porn parody</a> really regret not waiting more, because a new scene has just made with the fetish fuel in a major way.

Anthony Rosano

Say Hello To Pron, The TRON XXX Parody (pictures)

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Porn: just like regular movies, only with crappier bowl cuts and fog machines.


Holiday Movie Guide

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There are tons of movies coming out this holiday.


Wanna See More of “Tron: Legacy”?


If you want more stuff from the latest "Tron" movie, we've got you covered.


New TRON Clip. When Did CLU Steal The Tumblr?


Tron: Legacy is rapidly approaching theaters, and the hype machine is starting to really crank.

cult classics

Tron: Evolution Gets Light Tanks, Bomb Discs


There are four things from the original Tron that you'd think would have to be in Tron: Legacy.

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