Dwyane Wade’s 20 Best Dunks In The NBA


Once in awhile, we're treated to watching Dwyane Wade unleash his athleticism all over the heads of multiple defenders, just as a reminder to know that he's still capable of doing so.


LeBron Proves He Is The King; Dallas Snatches A Win In Utah

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Oklahoma City didn't play Thursday, but try telling Thunder fans it wasn't a victory.


The Knicks Win Tyson Chandler’s Debut; Minnesota & Kevin Love Light It Up

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New Jersey will be coming for that NYC crown soon enough, but at least for now, the Knicks are still the big brother.


2010-11 Fantasy Basketball Honors

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MVP: Kevin Durant wins this honor despite having a disappointing season.

Troy Murphy

Buy Low, Sell High: Fantasy Week 19

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Buy Low: Steve Nash has 28 percent from the field in his last four games to go along with 8.

Troy Murphy

Top 5 Available NBA Free Agents

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With the trade deadline having come and gone last Thursday, you may be wondering why there has been a flood of NBA activity going on the past few days.

Troy Murphy

Fantasy Trade Analysis: Deron Williams To The Nets

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The big NBA news today (so far, at least) is a deal that sends Deron Williams to the New Jersey Nets in exchange for Devin Harris, Derrick Favors, two first-round draft picks and $3 million.

Troy Murphy

NBA Trade Pitch: Brook Lopez to the Lakers for Andrew Bynum

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Part of me wanted to invent this as a rumor that I heard from "sources close to the situation" and see how many people believed it, but instead I'll present it truthfully as just an idea that made sense to me: Lakers get: Brook Lopez, Troy Murphy Nets get: Andrew Bynum Financially, it works.


NBA Trade Rumors: Carmelo down to Knicks and Nets, decision today

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I don't care if Kobe Bryant had to play press secretary, or if Craig Sager decided to be a full-time reporter instead of a part-time pimp during All-Star Weekend in his efforts to get the scoop on Carmelo Anthony's future -- I'm still refusing to stick the suffix "-gate" on the ongoing 'Melo story line.


Carmelo Anthony Update: Denver, New Jersey reach agreemeent

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If the latest rumors are true, the New York Knicks are going to get stood up for their date with Carmelo Anthony.

Troy Murphy

NBA Trade Rumor: Devin Harris to Portland for Andre Miller

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Last week in the Dime office, we were trying to determine when a player should be described as a "former All-Star," as opposed to just "All-Star.


Aldridge steals Blake Griffin’s showcase; D-Rose downs Dallas

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It should be considered a borderline miracle if the Portland Trail Blazers hang onto their 8th-seed playoff spot in the West, especially with Marcus Camby's knee surgery basically cutting their winning formula in half.


Rockets upset Celtics as the NBA takes backseat to Auburn/Oregon

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Maybe it was because the tease of Kevin Garnett's return from injury turned out to be just a tease.

Troy Murphy

Return To Sender: Top 3 NBA Players Who Need To Be Regifted

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Although the holiday season is behind us, it is never a bad idea to take a look around and try to find appreciation in the things you have.


Fantasy Trade Analysis: Terrence Williams To Houston

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A three-team deal emerged Tuesday night that had the New Jersey Nets send Terrence Williams to the Houston Rockets and Joe Smith to the Los Angeles Lakers.

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