TruTV Is Developing A ‘Veep’-Like Sitcom Starring … Shaq?

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For whatever reason, TruTV and Shaquille O'Neal have decided to develop a "Veep"-like sitcom loosely based on the NBA star's life.

friends of the people

How ‘In Living Color,’ MTV’s Guy Code, And Stoner YouTube Comedy Brought Together truTV’s New Sketch Show

Promoted by Friends Of The People

Any sketch show thrives on its cast: Here's how the Friends of the People first met.


Watch Tommy Dreamer Suplex Some Dork Back To Neverland

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Tommy Dreamer showed up on TruTV's "Impractical Jokers" to beat down a guy in a Peter Pan costume. Yes, really.


Aaron Carter’s ‘That’s How I Beat Shaq’ Saga Finally Gets A Proper Ending

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During the late 1990s and early 2000s, anyone related to a pop singer could become a success.


Get Ready For Viral Videos About Kittens, Courtesy Of Shaq


Do you like viral videos, especially ones about baby kittens named 'Little Noodles' palling around with guinea pigs.


With Spandex Episode 4: Veda Scott

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This week's With Spandex guest is Veda Scott, a talented young wrestler who you may've seen interviewing stars backstage at Ring Of Honor, hyping upcoming events from the CHIKARA offices or competing in the ring everywhere from Beyond Wrestling in the Northeast to Absolute Intense Wrestling in the Midwest.


Hulk Hogan’s Great Idea For 2011: Midgets

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From the orange goblin in bright yellow underwear that pioneered Hulk Hogan's Pastamania, Hulk Hogan And The Wrestling Boot Band and Hulk Hogan Meat Shoes (not a real thing) comes a fantastic idea sure to thrill and entertain all of 2011's rational, free-thinking adults: a midget pro wrestling reality show.


Video: One Man Fights Three Blind Mice

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We all would like to think that we could slay ten ninjas if the honor of our lady was at stake as a result of a physical attack.


Video: “Quick, Kick Me In The Jonk”

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The Skinny: A clip from truTV's Operation Repo, a weirdo who owns a DeLorean and the accompanying antics.

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