Wiz Khalifa

12.9 The Maildrop — What Happened To Wiz Khalifa, How To Win At Fantasy Basketball & Hermaphrodite Swag

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Quickly becoming one of our favorite posts to dedicate time towards - mainly because it involves both the writers and those who graciously stop by our neck of the e-woods - we present the third installment of The Maildrop.

TSS Chicas

Free K.

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Currently, K.'s tied up in Brooklyn Tennessee basement and she's not going anywhere.

TSS Chicas

Site News: New Comments, New Money

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"Yo, dog, why do y'all keep changing stuff.

TSS Chicas

Roc Marciano – “My Persona”

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Roc Marciano's time warp raps continue on "My Persona" as the emcee breaks down his makeup, admitting he's "Half rapper, half raptor, I'm beastly, pro-Black without the dashiki" among many other things.

Yo Gotti

Gucci Mane – “Animosity” x “Scarycat”

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Gucci Mane's either already in hibernation or headed there shortly but he always leaves behind plenty of material.

TSS Chicas

Aloha From Our Dearest K.

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K. sends her regards and well wishes.

Wu Tang Meets Indie Culture: The Lost Files

Roc Marciano Feat. Killah Priest – “Slugs Thru Ya Papaya”

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Not to discredit "Bang'Em In The Face" but Roc and Killah Priest share the award for April's best song title with "Slugs Thru Ya Papaya" off Dreddy Kreuger's upcoming Wu-Tang Meets Indie Culture: The Lost Files release.


Last Day. Vote For L.

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Initially, we were all under the assumption that the 21st was the last day for Valsport voting.

TSS Chicas

Summer In Miami With L.

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June 21 is the last day to vote for L. Do your duty.


L, Baby, L! Woot Woot!

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Remember that whole rally cap thing last week to insure that our L. made it to the next round for Valsport's spokesmodel search.

TSS Chicas

The L. Remix

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Dear You, Tomorrow, May 30th, is the last day to vote for Our L. in Valsport’s spokesmodel search.

TSS Chicas

The L.

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Dear Reader, L.

TSS Chicas

The Incomparable K.

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Stray Shots Jay Rock - Coming Soon To A Hood Near You Vol 2 Nicki Minaj - Beam Me Up Scotty (Hosted By DJ Holiday & Trap-A-Holics) Tyga-The_Free_Album-(Hosted_By_Clinton_Sparks)-2009 Evil Empire & Smitty - Fucxxx Smitty DJ Drama & DJ MOONDAWG - The Stimulus Package Yo_Yo-You_Better_Ask_Somebody Diplo - Florida Santogold Vs.

TSS Chicas

“Talk It Like I Bring It, Bring It Like I Talk It…”

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Loosies Raekwon - Crips & Bloods All Star - Ain't I (Starstlye) Drake Feat.

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