Screw It, They’re Worth Nothing Anyway: The Best Of ‘Baseball Card Vandals’

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I’m not much for the whole hyperbole thing, as I naturally like to keep my over-embellishment limited to Brittney Palmer being the greatest person ever in the history of history, but I do find myself using the “My favorite thing ever” tag on a pretty regular basis.


‘Athlete Objects’ Combines Our Love Of Puns, Cartoons And Athletes

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One of the first classes that we should teach children in middle school is how to properly use search engines on the Internet.


'Smokin' Jay Cutler' Is The Meme No One Asked For But Everyone Should Love

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First the newsy part – with very little surprise, former reality TV star and current girl who had a son with Jay Cutler, Kristin Cavallari, has “opened her home” to People Magazine, which is a very pleasant way of saying that she sold the first photos of her son, Camden Jack, to the popular celebrity magazine.


Tim Tebow Confessions: Tumblr Account Or Failed ESPN Reality Series?

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Yesterday, after we wished New York Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow a very happy 25th birthday, ESPN apparently turned the volume up to 11 and threw the Teebster a birthday party for the ages.


Capybaras That Look Like Rafael Nadal Is Our New Favorite Tumblr

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On July 14, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are going to play a charity exhibition match at Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeau Stadium, as they’ll attempt to break the all-time record for attendance at a tennis match while raising money for the Real Madrid and Rafael Nadal Foundations.


Morning Links: Don’t Forget, Tomorrow Is Thursday And You Are Obligated


Save this show, seriously, if that's a thing any of us can do.


New Favorite Tumblr: F*ck Yeah! Nancy Grace Monster Jams

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A few weeks ago, the blogging/social networking website Tumblr boasted its 1,000,000th blog post and I figured that just meant that people re-posted the same Nyan Cat picture a few hundred thousand times, but it was a milestone nonetheless.


Hey, Where *IS* Randy Savage?

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I am not big on the Tumblr stuff at all; I don't really get it.

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