Tupac Discussed How Jail Humbled Him In This Unreleased 1996 Interview With Jim Belushi

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A previously unheard interview with Jim Belushi and Tupac has surfaces.


This Video Of Tupac Engaged In A Stand-Off With A Little Kid Is Hard Not To Smile At

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The late great rapper shows why he was a man of the people in this vintage clip.


Soundtracks To Summer: Tupac’s ‘All Eyez On Me’

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Reminiscing about Pac's last album and the coolest uncle ever


The Tupac Broadway Musical Is Closing Because Nobody Pictured How To Keep It Rollin’

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The non-biographical 'Holler If Ya Hear Me' musical simply never caught on, and it will close its doors on Broadway next Sunday.


Grizzy Hendrix Wonders “Who Killed Tupac” In Stirring New Video

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The eclectic Queens MC asks the question that's been on hip-hop's mind for nearly two decades.


Tupac’s Last Words Were Classic Tupac


If these were indeed Tupac’s last words they will only serve to increase his legend.


Tupac’s Last Words Were Classic Tupac

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A Las Vegas cop reveals the legendary rapper's supposed final words.


Hear Tupac’s Music Done Broadway-Style With A Sneak Peek Into ‘Holler If Ya Hear Me’ Musical

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Have an early look and listen to the music from the stage adaptation of 'Pac's music.


Putin's Top Aide Wants You To Know That Tupac Is The Only Thing That Interests Him About The U.S.


Vladimir Putin's top aide Vladislav Surkov laughs at US sanctions, loves Tupac, Ginsberg, and Pollock.


To Live And Die On Broadway: Tupac’s Headed To The Stage In New Musical

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Can Broadway pull off Tupac? We'll find out, this June.


Sound Breakdown: DeVanté Swing’s “No More Pain”

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Looking back at the Jodeci member's production contributions to <em>All Eyez On Me</em>.


Tupac In 1994 Interview: ‘Everybody Wants To Use Me…I Have No Friends…I’m Already Dead’

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I have a feeling that some of what Tupac says in this interview will only fuel the "Tupac faked his death and is still alive" crowd.


This Animated Version Of Tupac > Tupac Hologram

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<em>"Everybody wants to use me on every level...I have no friends, I have no resting place. I never sleep. I can never close my eyes."</em>

#video games

Reddit Found Tupac In 'Grand Theft Auto V'

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'Grand Theft Auto V' features many in-jokes and tributes... and it looks like Tupac might be one of them.

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