An Ohio Cop Knew A Driver Was Drunk Because She Said ‘Gobble Gobble Turkey’

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Seems Thanksgiving wasn't quite over for Jessica Sorensen, whose drunken response to a cop last Saturday produced this delightful gem.


Vodka-Infused Turkey Is The Latest Reason Why We Aren’t Allowed To Have Nice Things

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Would you like to eat turkey and get drunk at the same time? Well have we got good news for you?

#Game of Thrones

Military Academies In Turkey Are Banning ‘Game of Thrones’ As A Way To ‘Protect’ Students

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Turkish Armed Forces prohibit programs with "sexual exploitation" and other "negative behaviors."

U.S. Military

‘Yankee Go Home!': Dramatic Footage Shows Turkish Protesters Attacking U.S. Sailors In Istanbul

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"Yankee go home!" A group of Turkish protesters attack U.S. Servicemen in Istanbul.


Video: Klay Thompson To Anthony Davis For One-Handed Alley-Oop


USA Basketball romped Finland in their opening game on Saturday, but yesterday's follow-up against Turkey did not go as planned.


Here’s The Terrifying Robot A Turkish Farmer Jury-Rigged To Electrocute Bears

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We assure you, the title of this post is the least insane thing connected to it.


Watch This CNN Reporter Get Detained By Turkish Police During A Live Report

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This reporter has a close call with police during the one year anniversary of the Gezi Park protests in Turkey.


Why Turkey's Politicians Are Trying To Ban Twitter: An Explainer

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Twitter is now banned in Turkey. Here's why, and why it won't work.


A Turkish Car Insurance Company Made This Glorious ‘Street Fighter’ Commercial

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Move over Geico and Progressive, because this Turkish car insurance company showed us how it's done with a 'Street Fighter' commercial.


Backhoe Recovery Fail


A team of Turkish workers try to recover an overturned backhoe loader using an excavator. It doesn't go very well.


Breast Implants For Turkeys


You don't have to settle for boring, flat-chested turkeys this Thanksgiving thanks to "Turkey Tits.


This Turkish Frisbee Trick Is Hypnotic, Probably Impossible

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I'm assuming it's from Turkey because the video was posted in Turkish, but I could be wrong.


Video: A Man In Turkey Locks His Head In A Cage To Quit Smoking

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A 42-year old Turkish man created a cage that he locks his head in to help him quit smoking, as a promise to his family and deceased father.


Camel Wrestling Championship


Tens of thousands of people attended the annual Camel Wrestling Championship in Selcuk, Turkey over the weekend, in which 130 male camels fight in pairs for the affection of a female.


A Turkish Soccer Match Gets Interrupted By Smoke Bombs, Because Of Course It Does

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With Leather would like to celebrate four straight months of stories about butthole soccer fans trying to hurt players with explosives.


Happy Thanksgiving, Here's What A Turkey Thinks About Football Games

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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which means it'll be a light day at With Leather.

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