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A Thanksgiving Tradition: Revisiting The Time A Newswoman Vigorously Fellated A Turkey Gobbler On Live TV


A sexy news blooper worth watching every single Thanksgiving until the end of time.


Facts That Prove Turkeys Are Badass


And you thought turkey was just that thing served at Thanksgiving dinner.


To Get You In The Thanksgiving Spirit, Here’s A Supercut Of People Saying ‘Jive Turkey’

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To get us all in the mood for Thanksgiving, our friends at Original Comedy whipped up this supercut of TV and movie characters saying, 'Jive turkey.'


Mystery Science Theater 3000′s Turkey Day Is Back

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'Mystery Science Theater 3000' is returning for a Turkey Day marathon of classic movies, lovingly restored. OK, so maybe not 'classic' movies...

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It's Up To You, America: Obama Will Pardon The Turkey With The Most Facebook 'Likes'

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So it's come to this: a turkey's life hangs in the balance as Facebook has found a way to creep itself into one of this nation's time-honored traditions, the pardoning of a turkey by the president.


Turkey Gobbler News Blooper


When an anchorwoman attempts to use a turkey gobbler, the results are a little sexier than necessary.

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