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A Seriously Injured Turtle Just Got A New Lease On Life Thanks To A 3D-Printed Beak


The turtle had been damaged by a boat propeller and was unable to eat on its own.


This Little Girl Completely Loses Her Mind Watching Two Turtles Humping At The Zoo


We're not sure which is louder, the groaning turtles or small child screaming 'OH MY GOODNESS!'


Watch This Turtle Help Its Turtle Friend Get Off Its Back In A Unique Display Of Reptile Friendship


Turtles are supposed to be smart creatures, did this one evoke feelings of empathy helping out a friend?

#2014 FIFA World Cup

Cabeção The Psychic Turtle Has Boldly Picked Brazil To Win The World Cup Opener


Sorry Croatia, but a 'psychic' turtle has weighed in the 2014 FIFA World Cup opener, and he picked Brazil to pull off the win.

#game of thrones

George R.R. Martin Has Seen The 'Game Of Thrones' Porn Parody ('Games Of Bones') And He Is Not Impressed


Good luck getting the image of George R.R. Martin watching porn out of your heads, kids. Good luck.


Epic Turtle Jump

You've never seen a turtle with this level of grace and majesty.


Two-Headed Turtle Hatches at San Antonio Zoo

Raw footage of a two-headed turtle -- named Thelma and Louise -- that recently hatched at the San Antonio Zoo.


Scientifically Accurate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Are Hilariously Disturbing


"Scientifically Accurate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" uses turtle facts to animate these horrifying, salmonella-ridden, giant-wanged Ninja Turtles.


Scientifically Accurate Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would have been far more unsettling if it had any scientific integrity.


Galapagos Giant Tortoise Inspects Camera

A curious tortoise examines a camera, providing an up-close look at its majestic head.


Childhood Over: The Dinosaur Sounds In ‘Jurassic Park’ Were A Menagerie Of Animals Having Sex


"If people knew where the sounds in Jurassic Park came from, it'd be rated R!" says sound designer Gary Rydstrom. And now we know where they came from.


Teenage Average Normal Turtles

What if the Ninja Turtles never stumbled across the ooze.


Sea Turtle Gets Prosthetic Flippers

A disabled loggerhead sea turtle named Yu has been successfully fitted with a pair of artificial flippers.


Baby Turtle vs. Ghost Crab

One in every thousand baby sea turtles actually makes it to adulthood.


Corgis In Swings, A Message From Batman, And Afternoon Links

Today's afternoon links, featuring a visit from the Happy Turtle, a holiday public service announcement from Batman, and Corgis in swings.


Turtle-on-Turtle Crime

A giant tortoise knocks his buddy flat on his back.


A Golden Treasury Of Funny And Adorable Halloween Costumes For Pets (Part One)


Do your pets have their Halloween costumes ready? Probably not, since they can't read calendars and don't have thumbs.


Yawning Baby Turtle

This baby turtle is getting very, very sleepy.


Let’s Talk Turtles! Mouth Peeing, Ass Breathing Turtles Specifically


You'll never guess what turtles have been doing with their orifices...

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