Was ‘Empire’ A Successful Debut For Fox?

By | 13 Comments

'Empire' kicked off with good ratings on the premiere episode.

#WWE Raw

Raw’s Rating Fell To A Near Record Low This Week And An Embarrassing TLC Could Be To Blame

By | 115 Comments

Monday's episode of WWE Raw was the lowest rated non-holiday episode since 1997. Who's to blame?


Nielsen Admits That A Software Glitch Screwed Up TV Ratings For Months

By | 23 Comments

Nielsen ratings took a hit in credibility following a seven month stretch of inaccurate ratings due to a glitch.


Here Are The Most-Watched Episodes For Some Of Your Favorite TV Shows

By | 5 Comments

Curious how the ratings for the highest rated episode of "Sons of Anarchy" compare to the most-watched "Game of Thrones"? Let's find out.


Ratings For The Super Bowl Were Down From Last Year

By | 16 Comments

Turns out people DON'T love watching blowouts.


FX Network Chief Dishes On ‘Sons of Anarchy,’ ‘American Horror Story,’ And The Downfall Of Network TV

By | 24 Comments

FX Network Chief talks the economics of TV, the keys to FX's success, and how American Horror Story is a one-man show.


'Total Divas' Had E!'s Best Debut In A Year

By | 11 Comments

Great news, fans of scripted reality television shows about narcissistic professional wrestling twin sisters.


Nobody Is Watching The Stanley Cup Finals

By | 17 Comments

As I wrote a few weeks ago, it was very easy for NHL experts and analysts to label the Los Angeles Kings a Cinderella story because of how bad they sucked early on in the season.


The Pro Bowl Got Decent Ratings

By | 4 Comments

You know how every year, when the Pro Bowl comes around, you and your friends are always saying "PSH NO WAY I'M WATCHING THAT IT'S NOT REAL FOOTBALL".

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