Wait, An Unexpected ‘Wheel Of Time’ Pilot Aired On FX? An Explainer.

By | 23 Comments

A half-hour pilot aired for 'The Wheel of Time' on FX... and everybody's furious. A brief explainer as to why.


The True Story That Inspired The Trash Can Scene From The ‘Empire’ Premiere

By | 20 Comments

How Lee Daniels upbringing inspired the most memorable scene from the premiere of "Empire"


Why You Should Be Excited For ‘Gotham’

By | 30 Comments

'Gotham' has some real promise in its pilot, and is more than just 'Gordon Begins.'


A New ‘Constantine’ Trailer Hints That More Than One DC Hero Is Showing Up

By | 17 Comments

'Constantine' is apparently not going to be shy with the mystical guest stars, if this new trailer is any indication.

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AT&T Is Going To Start Producing Its Own TV Shows For You To Stream

By | 2 Comments

AT&T is getting into the streaming video game, and yes, they'll be producing new TV shows.

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Want To Save The TV Shows You Love? Purchase Them.

By | 9 Comments

Putting your money where your fandom is might be the best method to save your shows.

why god why?

Do You Hate What ESPN Has Become? Then You’re Going To Loathe ‘TMZ Sports’ On TV

By | 7 Comments

Only available in certain markets, a 'TMZ Sports' TV show could eventually be broadcast nationwide, thus opening the gates to hell.

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Bravo Is Making A TV Show About Regular People Watching Other TV Shows

By | 13 Comments

Based on the UK series Gogglebox, The People's Couch will reveal real people at home watching and reacting to their favorite TV shows.


VH1’s ‘Hit The Floor’ Looks Pretty Interesting

By | 2 Comments

As much as I watch and overanalyze television, I had no clue that VH1 still produced original series, let alone scripted dramas and not hokey reality series about musicians you’ve never heard of (although Bands Reunited was one of the greatest TV shows of any kind in the history of the medium, but that’s another discussion for another UPROXX site).


New Line wants the director of Saw for their MacGyver movie

By | 14 Comments

MacGyver's never been far from pop cultural consciousness, and the creator even tried to sue the producers of MacGruber a few years back.


Arrow's First Preview Clip Is Up, and It's Exactly What You'd Expect

By | 12 Comments

Let's see here: Sloppy editing in the first ten seconds.

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5 Reasons "Mythbusters" Is One of the Best Nerd Shows On TV

By | 22 Comments

Somewhere along the line, quietly, "Mythbusters" passed 200 episodes.


5 Reasons “Comic Book Men” Stinks

By | 52 Comments

We tuned into AMC yesterday to see "Comic Book Men" not expecting much.

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Why Borders Are Pointless In SF Television

By | 5 Comments

As you may know, our Congress is currently in the process of fleeing from Hollywood-written anti-piracy bills like lemmings as annoyed Americans weigh in on the process.

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Which SF TV Shows Will Survive 2011? Or 2012?


Well, it's that time of the year, the time of the year when networks look at the load of random stuff they've dumped on our plates and seeing if we've eaten any of it, or if they're going to have to rummage around in the kitchen and find some new stuff.


4 Science Fiction Series Netflix Should Bring Back

By | 14 Comments

Netflix is facing studios that don't want to give it content and grumpy customers who don't like its streaming selection.


Oh thank God, Mr. Ed is finally coming to theaters

By | 11 Comments

This story is a little old now, so there's a chance you might have heard, but it's my duty to report anyway, if only to illustrate why we can't have nice things.

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