3D printing

Two British Teenagers 3D Printed A Wristband That Records TV When Its Wearer Falls Asleep

By | 3 Comments

KipstR measures blood flow to determine when its wearer falls asleep. What about when the wearer's blood flow changes for other...reasons?


The Year In Nerd: A Look Back At 2014’s Geeky Television

By | 19 Comments

2014 was a great year for TV, if you were a geek. Here's a look at the highs, and one or two lows.


The Highs And Lows Of Geek Culture 2014

By | 114 Comments

It was another big year for sci-fi, superheroes, comics and video games. Here's a few of the highs and lows of geeking out in 2014.

Jonathan Frakes

Commander Riker Would Be ‘All Over’ Directing ‘Star Trek 3′

By | 9 Comments

Johnathan Frakes has seen the #BringinRiker hashtag and is ready to engage.


British Network Rips Off The Hulk For New Series, Hopes No One Notices

By | 18 Comments

ITV thinks that if they make the Hulk a public domain character and call him "Mr. Hyde," no one will notice.

Warren Ellis

‘Global Frequency’ Finally Sees A Return To Television

By | 3 Comments

Warren Ellis comes to screens, finally, with 'Global Frequency.'


‘Longmire’ Has Been Picked Up By Netflix For Season 4

By | 17 Comments

Three months after A&E canceled its most watched original scripted series, Netflix saves the day by ordering a 4th season of 'Longmire.'


Alan Moore’s Jack The Ripper Graphic Novel ‘From Hell’ Is Coming To FX

By | 13 Comments

Could cable TV be the medium Alan Moore's work was waiting for?

#Game of Thrones

The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Video Game Is Looking Good In Leaked Screenshots

By | 20 Comments

Check out all your favorite (and not so favorite) Game of Thrones characters in video game form.


Another Will Arnett Sitcom Bites The Dust: CBS Cancels ‘The Millers’

By | 30 Comments

The Will Arnett sitcom curse continues as CBS gives 'The Millers' the axe.


New ‘Gotham’ Clips Give A First Look At Harvey Dent

By | 3 Comments

Harvey Dent will make his first appearance on 'Gotham' this week in an episode titled, appropriately, 'Harvey Dent.'


Hey Bat-Hipsters, You Can Now Listen To Your Bat-Music on Bat-Shaped Vinyl

By | 3 Comments

'Batman: The Animated Series' music on bat-shaped vinyl? Gimme.

#Agents Of SHIELD

Agent Carter Talks Aliens And Nazis In New ‘Agents of SHIELD’ Clip

By | 6 Comments

Peggy Carter interrogates Hydra commander Werner Reinhardt about mysterious artifacts and 'visitors' in a new clip from 'Agents of SHIELD.'


Discussion: Who’s Worse, Laurel From ‘Arrow’ Or Barbara From ‘Gotham’?

By | 86 Comments

Both of DC's biggest TV shows have characters the fandom can't stand. But which one is worse, 'Gotham's Barbara or 'Arrow's Laurel?


‘Gotham Begins’ Is The Prequel To A Prequel Gotham Deserves

By | 9 Comments

Who wants to see what Gotham was like before that dorky Bruce Wayne kid was born?


Here Are Five TV Shows That Were Revived And Returned Better Than Ever

Promoted by Ballantine

Some shows just need a time to break out. Or Alex Trebek.


Let’s Talk About Tonight’s Geeky TV: ‘Gotham’ Grabs ‘The Mask’

By | 141 Comments

We're liveblogging 'Gotham,' and there's plenty of other geeky TV tonight.

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