Ex-WWE Star Chyna Posted A Bizarre Twerking Video ‘For Her Fans’

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Here's Chyna falling off a wall while attempting to twerk. You know...for fans.


Watch This Girl Twerk Herself Right Out Of A Moving Car

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Whoops. Remember to hang on tight when you're twerking halfway out the door of a moving car.


Nothing Says NFL Fandom More Than Shaking Your Butt In An Opposing Fan’s Face

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This lady might have had too many cocktails. Also she should never twerk again.


In Case You Were Wondering, Here’s What Happens When You Google ‘Jim Ross Twerking’

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Jimmy Rozay calling daggering videos is the last one you'll ever need to see.


Mastodon’s Butt-Tastic ‘The Motherload’ Music Video Is The Metal ‘Anaconda’

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If you loved Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda," then you'll probably HATE Mastodon's "The Motherload" music video.

#Miley Cyrus

Welp, Miley Cyrus Has Gone And Pissed Off The Entire Country Of Mexico Now

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Thanks to her latest stunt, Miley Cyrus is now at risk of being thrown in Mexican jail.


This Twerking Performance In Europe Comes With An Incredibly Awkward Reveal

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This is a must-see GIF from a twerking performance. Nothing else needs to be said.


Rihanna Twerked In Her See-Through Dress, If You’re Into That Sort Of Thing

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Rihanna is very good at doing things that will go very viral.

#Miley Cyrus

Stop What You’re Doing And Watch Helen Mirren Twerk In This Hilariously Unbelievable Video

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Until now, only amateurs have twerked, but now, Helen Mirren comes to put everyone to shame with how she twerks. (Hint: Very well)


Oly Twerk Is Probably The Worst Video About Twerking Weightlifters You’ll Watch Today


Witness OLY TWERK, today's best video about weightlifters twerking. If you've seen the twerking dog, you sorta know what to expect.

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