Josh Gad Says The Script For His ‘Twins’ Sequel Is Ready And Waiting

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Josh Gad says the script for 'Triplets' is finished and just waiting for someone to give a sh*t.


Enjoy These Twins Pantomiming Through The Oddest Performance Of ‘Silent Night’ You’ll See This Holiday

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The Brown Twin Sisters provide the oddest Christmas performance we've ever seen with this pantomime of 'Silent Night.'


Florida Twin Sisters Got Into A Brawl Because Of A Man And A Dildo

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Meanwhile in Florida, twin sisters got into a fight because of a dildo. Love you, Florida.

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Watch A Pair Of Identical Twins Prank A Bunch Of Men By Asking Them For Threesomes

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What would you do if approached by identical twins requesting your presence for a threesome at their place?

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A Celebration Of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Best Lines, Written As A Romantic Comedy

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In honor of Arnold Schwarzenegger's 67th birthday, here are his best classic movie lines reimagined as romantic comedy script.


A High School Basketball Team In Pennsylvania Has Four Sets Of Twins

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The Allderdice High School varsity basketball team has four sets of twins on its roster, making the Dragons a real life Disney sports movie.

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Watch This Adorable Little Girl Fight Confusion When Meeting Her Father’s Twin For The First Time


Check out this cute video of a little girl meeting her father's twin for the first time and the confusion it causes.

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LeBron James Will Star In The Movie ‘Ballers’ With Kevin Hart


LeBron James is set to become a movie star next year, as he'll begin filming 'Ballers' with Kevin Hart.


Two Twins, One Toothbrush


Evelyn and Juliette experience the highs and lows of dental hygiene -- and sharing.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘Twins’ Sequel Is Still Happening, Has Writers Now

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The film Twins was released in 1988, when stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito were 41- and 44-years old, respectively.


Head-Butting Twins


These 17-month-old twin boys just can't get enough of head-butting each other.


Adorable Baby Twins Dance to Daddy's Guitar


The cutest thing you'll see all day.


The World’s Largest Gathering of Twins


More than 2,000 pairs turned up in Twinsburg, Ohio for the world's largest festival of twins.

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Schwarzenegger Showed Up To Comic Con, talks Twins 2

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The majority of yesterday’s Comic Con buzz in San Diego was focused on the Twilight panel, featuring all of the film’s stars as they talked about things like telepathic babies, life after the franchise, and shaving Taylor Lautner’s back for the summer heat.

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Looks like we have Arnold to blame for that Twins sequel

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As far as movie premises are concerned, "I would love to do another 'Twins,'" Schwarzenegger said when asked if there were any past characters he'd like to revisit.

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Schwarzenegger, De Vito being offered Twins 2. Wait, what?

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Arnold Schwarzenegger hasn't been out of office a year yet, and already he's done You’ll recall we were the first to report - in January, several weeks before another outlet got wind of the news - that a new Arnold Schwarzenegger-led Justin Lin-directed Terminator was in the works (though, to be fair, we were skeptical).

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