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Jessica Williams Didn’t Mean Her Loyal Fans When She Tweeted ‘Lean The F*ck Away’

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Defending herself against one specific blog asking her to "lean in" Williams was then taken out of context and made to seem like she was lashing out at fans.


Mark Wahlberg’s Wife Doesn’t Mince Words About Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein Photos

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Mark Wahlberg's wife Rhea took to Twitter to bitch about Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein shoot and then later backpedal on her words.


Alec Baldwin And Anderson Cooper Got Into A Twitter Feud Last Night. Maybe.

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An account connected to Alec Baldwin is lashing out at the CNN reporter over his response to Baldwin's recent paparazzi scuffle.


Samantha Steele Ponder Is Feuding With A Twitter Parody Account In Defense Of Her INT-Throwing Husband

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The Faux John Madden Twitter account made a joke about Christian Ponder, so his wife Samantha Steele jumped to his defense. Against fake John Madden.

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Feud Of The Year Watch: Kanye West Will Appear On Jimmy Kimmel Live Tomorrow Night

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After their hilarious and random Twitter feud, Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel will face off on the latter's talk show tomorrow night.


Anthony Bourdain Filled In For Piers Morgan And Is Now Feuding With David Simon Over Cronuts

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The Wire creator David Simon and journalist David Carr are hilariously upset with Anthony Bourdain after he failed to make good on a promise of Cronuts.


Amanda Bynes Tweet To Rihanna: ‘Chris Brown Beat You Because You’re Not Pretty Enough’

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Although the Tweets have been deleted, Amanda Bynes continued her bizarre behavior by Tweeting at Rihanna that Chris Brown beat her because she is ugly.


Jimmy Claussen Won't Go To Supercuts Again

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Carolina Panthers backup quarterback Jimmy Clausen is no stranger to controversy, as he had a couple run-ins with the law during his days at Notre Dame.

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