Rory McIlroy Broke Up With Caroline Wozniacki Over An Unflattering Twitpic

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Tennis star Caroline Wozniacki and golfer Rory McIlroy have reportedly broken up over an unauthorized Twitpic of McIlroy sleeping. Whoops!


Update: The New York Mets Love Creampies

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New rule: when somebody asks you a question on Twitter, run every word of it through the Urban Dictionary.


Peter Tebow Set To Deny His Brother 3 Times

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Tim Tebow's brother Peter lives in Denver, loves Jesus (according to his Twitter bio, at least, I don't know him personally or anything) and has over 15,000 Twitter followers, because every Bill Clinton needs his Roger.


Another Reason To Hate The Cowboys: @DallasCowboys Gets Butthurt, Runs Down The NHL, MLB

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Remember Chris Rock's old joke about guys turning into Batman when it's time to watch porn, then getting caught because they left the tape in the VCR.


The Great One, Gone Too Soon

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Last month, by way of one of the best photo galleries ever put together by man, we introduced you to Wayne Gretzky's daughter Paulina.


Crack Head: Just A Phrase She Uses

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That tweet, from Tony La Russa's daughter Devon (and courtesy of Big League Stew), is in response to a quickly-deleted Sunday night tweet that read: I saw a crack head doing "The Wash" today.


Kimbo Slice Is Not Dead Yet


Rumors of the death of MMA fighter Kimbo Slice have been greatly exaggerated.


Marcus Jordan Tweets About His Dad

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Every day must be Father's Day when your dad is Michael Jordan, but his son Marcus was celebrating the holiday early on Friday.



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Looks like $7,500 is the magic number for Milwaukee Bucks guard Brandon Jennings.

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