Make Fun Of Vladimir Putin And You Just Might Get A Giant Wooden Penis On Your Car

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One of the people behind a popular Twitter parody account that takes on Putin and the Russian government found a giant wooden penis chained to her car.


Samantha Steele Ponder Is Feuding With A Twitter Parody Account In Defense Of Her INT-Throwing Husband

By | 7 Comments

The Faux John Madden Twitter account made a joke about Christian Ponder, so his wife Samantha Steele jumped to his defense. Against fake John Madden.


Grand Valley State University Removed Its Wrecking Ball Sculpture Thanks To Miley Cyrus

By | 4 Comments

Grand Valley State University officials removed a popular campus sculpture that looks like a wrecking ball because students were imitating Miley Cyrus.

death hoaxes

Nelson Mandela Has Not Passed Away


A fake Piers Morgan Twitter account fooled a lot of people into thinking that Nelson Mandela had passed away today from his current lung ailments.


10 ‘Modern Seinfeld’ Episodes We’d Set Our DVRs For

By | 30 Comments

In the world I want to live in Curb's quasi-reunion show was about George poisoning his girlfriend with gluten.


'Zooey Asks Siri' Is A Single Serve Twitter Done Right

By | 2 Comments

<a href="">BioTV</a> tipped us to a great new parody Twitter, <a href="!/zooeysiri">Zooey Asks Suri</a>.


The Casey Anthony Trial As Told By Twitter Parody Accounts


If you’re unfamiliar with the 140-character world of Twitter, then you’re probably unaware that there are thousands of celebrity parody accounts currently providing cheap laughs for their followers.

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