OH SNAP: The Internet Reacted With Zest To Gwyneth Paltrow Taking The ‘Food Stamp Challenge’


Gwyneth Paltrow decided to "walk in their shoes" with a $29 food stamp budget, and everyone reacted with style and grace.

#Kanye West

Twitter Reacts To Kanye West’s Claims That Beyonce Is Inspired By Kim Kardashian


Twitter reacts to Kanye West claiming Beyonce has "pictures of Kim on the wall" on The Breakfast Club.


The Funniest Internet Reactions To Spider-Man Returning To Marvel


We've collected our 30 favorite Twitter reactions to Spider-Man returning to Marvel and offer this friendly neighborhood summary.

#2014 FIFA World Cup

Germany Whooped The Hell Out Of Brazil And The Internet Had A Spectacular Time


As Germany got out to a 5-0 lead early in its World Cup semifinal match against Brazil, fans on Twitter started with jokes and photoshops.


Twitter Reacts To Today’s Ridiculous Speech By The NRA’s Wayne LaPierre


Naturally, as it is wont to do whenever something ridiculous happens, Twitter collectively had some pretty funny and interesting things to say about the NRA presser today.


Twitter Reacts To The Petraeus Sex Scandal Going H.A.M.

As is usually the case when these sort of things happen, Twitter has been chock full of LOLs related to the Petraeus sex scandal. Here are some favorites.


Twitter Reacts To Donald Trump’s Big, Derpy Buttload Of Nothing


By now you've probably heard that sad fart monster Donald Trump's big, shocking Obama announcement was about as useful as a limp penis at an orgy, and Twitter has been on fire over it.


Twitter Reacts To Ben Affleck Joining Twitter


Back when I first moved to New York, there was a clothing store on the Lower East Side called Some Odd Rubies that was owned by Summer Phoenix, the sister of River and Joaquin, and Odessa Whitmire, Ben Affleck's former personal assistant who also happened to be Matt Damon's girlfriend at the time.


Twitter Reacts To The News That Jessica Simpson Finally Had Her Baby

You guys, I don't know if you've heard, but the longest gestation period in human history came to an end today when Jessica Simpson gave birth to a girl named Maxwell Drew Johnson.


Twitter Reacts To Rick Santorum Dropping Out Of The Presidential Race

As you may have heard, fornication-obsessed cucumber Rick Santorum suspended his presidential campaign this afternoon, ending our improbable, long, national nightmare and giving me perhaps one last chance to post the GIF above.


The Internet Reacts To The News of Steve Jobs’ Death


As you might imagine, the internet has been mourning the passing of Steve Jobs and celebrating his life just as voraciously as it mourned his stepping down as Apple CEO a few weeks ago.

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