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5 Ways To Improve The Anti-KStew 'Robert Pattinson Deserves Better' T-Shirt


An online company is selling "Robert Pattinson Deserves Better" t-shirts, but we have five better anti-KStew suggestions.


Study: Blacks And Hispanics Really Like Twitter


Well this is interesting: <a href="">A new poll by the Pew Research Center</a> found that Twitter's popularity is growing, especially among young people, and use of the service by blacks and Hispanics more than doubles that of whites.


Twitter users more prone to masturbation, failed relationships

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You probably knew this already, but, according to <a href="">a sex study by the Daily Beast</a> using data culled from <a href="">OK Cupid</a> users, Twitter users masturbate more than non-Twitter users, and their relationships don't last as long as the relationships of non-Twitter users.

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