Larry King Interviewed Tyler The Creator And It Was Amazing

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King's interview with the Odd Future star was both hilarious and surprisingly insightful.


Tyler, The Creator Talks Leaving Rap, Loving Jennifer Lawrence During Larry King Interview

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Quite an exchange from two guys from two completely different walks of life.

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Tyler, The Creator & Odd Future Terrorizing Buzzfeed’s Offices Was Incredibly Scary For Everyone


As with most matters Odd Future and Tyler-related, I find myself 75% entertained, 20% glad I wasn’t involved, and maybe like 5% offended.

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Tyler, The Creator Was Arrested For Inciting A Riot At SXSW

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When F*cked Up left the stage for Tyler the Creator, things got f*cked up.


Tyler, The Creator Directed This “Glowing” Video For An Anonymous Artist

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Leave it to Tyler, The Creator to direct a video like “Glowing.”

Bria Myles

Tyler, The Creator – “Tamale” Video

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As usual, <a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/tag/tyler-the-creator">Tyler, The Creator</a> uses eye-popping imagery to create an arresting video for his latest single.


Tyler, The Creator Ft. Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis + Earl Sweatshirt – “Look”

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Evoking the freewheeling rapping for rap's sake vibe of 2008's Odd Future Tape, the four most talented emcees in the OFWGKTA collective drop the Nottz-produced "Look.

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Tyler, The Creator – “Garbage”

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Tyler, The Creator was one of the names on Rockstar's <a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2013/08/gta-5-soundtrack-leak">robust GTA V playlist</a>, and now we have audio proof.


Odd Future x Vans Syndicate Old Skool Pro “S” Collection

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The shoes that cover Tyler, The Creator's feet don't change much.


Tyler, The Creator's Mountain Dew Ad Pulled After Being Called 'Most Racist Commercial In History'

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Here's the Tyler, the Creator-directed Mountain Dew that got pulled for being too racist.


“Awkward” – Review of Tyler, The Creator’s ‘Wolf’

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Tyler, The Creator’s success has always depended upon how many or few people take him seriously.

5 Albums That Don't Suck

5 Albums Coming Out This Week That Don’t Suck

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The best new albums of the week, including releases by the Knife, the Black Angels, and Rilo Kiley.

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Guilt-Free Listening: Tyler, The Creator’s “Wolf” Album Stream

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Tyler's Wolf leaked a few days before the April 2 release date and he knows everybody's listening.


Tyler, The Creator Ft. Pharrell – “IFHY” Video

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With only a few days to go before the release of Wolf, Tyler, The Creator gives fans a visual treat (or brain-searing nightmare) in the form of "IFHY" featuring Pharrell.

Doris (Earl Sweatshirt)

Earl Sweatshirt Ft. Tyler, The Creator – “WHOA” Video

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Those afraid that Earl Sweatshirt lost his devilish streak somewhere between the South Pacific and LA can rest easy with the release of his new video, “WHOA.

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