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Jason Statham Receives A Nasty Rock Bottom In The New ‘Furious 7′ Trailer

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Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Jason Statham battle for macho world supremacy in the latest trailer for 'Furious 7.'

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Is Tyrese Gibson Hinting That He’s Joining ‘Justice League’ As Green Lantern?

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Tyrese dropped an interesting photo on Instagram that hints at an upcoming role in 'Justice League' playing the Green Lantern.


Tyrese Wants You To ‘Get Off The Pity Potty’ And Realize That He Is The Greatest Male Role Model In The World

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Tyrese Gibson advises all you youngsters out there to get off the pity potty and sign out of the pity committee.


Guys. GUYS. Ginuwine Performed 'Pony' On Arsenio Last Night.

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Ginuwine performed "Pony" on Arsenio last night and the audience full of women WENT. NUTS.


Tyrese Gibson’s Audition Tape For ‘Django Unchained’ Is Incredible

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Watch Tyrese Gibson like you've never seen him before in this recently leaked audition video for Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained.


Tyrese Is Getting Over The Death Of Paul Walker With Some Emails From God

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Tyrese told Arsenio Hall that he's getting over the death of Paul Walker with the help of some emails from God that told him to go to Dubai.


Michael Bay brought in Will Smith to give Tyrese a “reality check”

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One need only hear two words out of Tyrese Gibson's mouth to know that he has a wildly inflated sense of his own importance, and it turns out, things got so bad on the set of Transformers 2, Michael Bay actually called in some outside help to get his ego in check.


A Comprehensive Guide To Amber Tamblyn's Next Level Email Prank On Tyrese Gibson

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If you know your way around the internet you've probably at the very least read a headline covering actress Amber Tamblyn's recent intricate and psychotically genius email prank on Transformers star/R&B singer/underwear model Tyrese Gibson.


What the hell is Tyrese talking about? Open thread.

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Here's Tyrese waxing philosophical on the subject of independent women (I guess.


Michael Bay demands Big Macs

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Tyrese Gibson was on Attack of the Show last night talking to Candace Bailey about his R & B album, and while pretending to give a sh*t about Tyrese Gibson's R & B album should warrant serious Emmy consideration, more relevant to our interests was Gibson's story about working with Michael Bay.

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SPOILERS ALERT! 5 Fast 5 Furiou5 has a traile5

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Universal has just released the first full-length trailer for 5 Fast 5 Furious, the latest installment of The Franchise That P-Walks Built.

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5 Fast 5 Furious is Furious, Bi-Curious, Parkourious

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Merry Ludacristmas, motherf*ckers, 5 Fast 5 Furious has a trailer.

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