T.J. Miller Managed To Offend All Of The Real Silicon Valley During The Annual Crunchies Awards

By | 67 Comments

T.J. Miller rubbed a lot of people the wrong way during his offensive, hilarious appearance at the eighth annual Crunchies Awards.


Are Google And Uber Preparing For A Battle Of Self-Driving Taxi Supremacy?

By | 2 Comments

Google is reportedly getting into direct competition with Uber over the development of technology for self-driving taxis.


Watch Conan Enter The Danger Zone To Interview Archer And Help Him Battle Some Russian Mobsters

By | 14 Comments

Conan invites Sterling Archer onto his show and ends up taking a violent ride to remember while discussing the finer points of Uber.


This Guy Agreed To Pay Uber $117 For A Short New Year’s Eve Ride, And Now He Wants To Complain About It

By | 21 Comments

His complaints are gaining attention on Twitter, but considering Uber's advanced warning, sympathy is lacking. Also, he is a bro.


Uber Wants To Patent The Very Thing Most People Hate About It

By | 11 Comments

When they're not too busy trying to take over the world, Uber wants to patent how they make so much money off of its passengers.


Everything You Need To Know About Uber’s Mishandling Of The Sydney Hostage Crisis

By | 15 Comments

Uber managed to make the Sydney hostage crisis even worse. How? Greed!


An Uber Driver Allegedly Sexually Harassed This Woman, So Uber Tried To Make It Up To Her With Credit

By | 8 Comments

Oh our driver asked you to give him a blowjob? Sorry about that. Is a £20 credit enough?


Uber Investor Ashton Kutcher Is Defending Uber Against ‘Shady Journalist’

By | 23 Comments

Guy-Who-Made-A-Lot-Of-Money-From-Uber, Ashton Kutcher, doesn't think Uber's doing anything wrong.

shady shit

Uber Execs Suddenly Appear To Be Teaching A Master Class In How To F*ck Oneself

By | 20 Comments

The past 24 hours have been a PR disaster for Uber. Why must a company we love so much be run by such seemingly terrible people?


Thanks To Spotify, You Can Now Expose Your Uber Driver To Your Music

By | 4 Comments

Now Spotify Premium account holders can control where their Uber drivers go and what they hear on the way.


Uber Pulls Gross French ‘Hot Chick’ Driver Promotion From Website

By | 17 Comments

Uber is in damage control mode after a french promotion with "hot chick" drivers backfired.


Jaime King Had To Rely On Uber To Get To The Hospital And Have Her Baby

By | 6 Comments

Jaime King didn't want to bother 911 to get to the hospital to give birth, so she called Uber instead.


Why Uber Drivers Are Protesting The Company’s CEO: An Explainer

By | 20 Comments

Uber drivers are unhappy with their boss for wanting to replace them with robots. Really.


Three Lucky Cities Will Get To Call Optimus Prime On Uber

By | 4 Comments

Finally, you can get a ride in Optimus Prime, like the eight-year-old in you always wanted.


Uber Will Deliver Cuddly Kittens To Your Door Today

By | 5 Comments

Yes, Uber is delivering kittens. Here's how to get them.

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