‘The Interview’ Is Getting A Live Read At A New York Theater

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You may not be able to see 'The Interview' in theaters, but you can see it in Theater.

Walt Disney

A Celebration Of The ‘Walt Disney Frozen Head’ Joke’s Enduring Appeal

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Walt Disney's legacy will never fade, but neither will the rumors that he was frozen after he died. Because everyone loves to joke about it.


UCB’s ‘The Kid In Every Wes Anderson Movie’ is Pretty Accurate

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UCB's 'The Kid In Every Wes Anderson Movie' starring Matthew Starr explains everything you need to know about cigarettes and binoculars and girls wearing berets.


Talking To Amy Poehler, Nick Kroll, And Other UCB Comedy Stars About The Del Close Marathon

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Talking to Amy Poehler, Nick Kroll, Matt Walsh, Ellie Kemper, and other UCB comedy stars about the Del Close Marathon.


UPROXX Live Q&A With ‘Veep’ Star And UCB Co-Founder Matt Walsh

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The talented, hilarious, and prolific Matt Walsh joins us to talk about the second season of 'Veep.'


Meme Watch: Sudden Clarity Cat Can Has Epiphany

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Sudden Clarity Cat is the new meme-cousin of Sudden Clarity Clarence, and we've collected our 25 favorite pictures plus an UPROXX original.

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'Game of Friends' Is What Happens When 'Friends' Meets 'Game Of Thrones'

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Friendship is coming. Game Of Friends is the perfect mashup of Game Of Thrones and Friends because why not? (Plus a bonus Friends parody.)


Wale Feat. Magazeen, Tre Of UCB & Black Cobain – “Ocean Drive”

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Photo: Ballerstatus From DC to MIA, Wale has no problem flashing his "Yacht Club" membership badge and nobody should fault him for it.


“The School of French Kissing for Dogs” is awesome

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Yes, the video below, "The School of French Kissing for Dogs," is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.


UCB Feat. Wale & Colin Munroe – “Diana”

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Ready to be known to the general public for more than being Wale's backing band, Go-Go sextet Mr. Folarin drops off a quick 16 near the end, but Tre's vocals is the real star here as the group makes a smooth transition from the laurels of a backing band to snagging gigs as headliners.


12.18 The Cooler

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In Between The Cheeks Sheets With Jonnell Nicole Why "The Simpsons" No Longer Matter [Salon] Two Female Dolphins Fans Kissing [With Leather] No Stopping Boyle, But Alicia Has Keys [Hits Daily Double] Lawmakers Push for Jack Johnson Pardon [Bad Left Hook] Justin Timberlake Named New [...].


Video: Wale & J. Cole Freestyle @ Denny’s

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Touring isn't what it used to be.

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The New Age Box

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Instead of dropping several videos in separate posts, this Monday morning, we shall condense.

Young Chris

Video: Wale’s Attention Deficit Tour In Chicago

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Ruby Hornet threw up a couple of vids from Wale's Attention Deficit show from April 22 @ the Abbey Pub in Chicago, IL.

Young Chris

Event Recap: Wale’s Attention Deficit Tour

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In my college and adult life I've spent enough time hearing stories from folks from the DMV to visualize how much physical stamina a Go-Go requires; fueled by call-and-response chants from vocalists, a driving beat from the percussion section and the constant movement of people.

Young Chris

Video: Wale Performs “Chillin” & “Nike Boots” Live

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I'll put up some more footage & words once I work the cobwebs out of my system.

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