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UFC 169 Predictions – Will Urijah Faber Finally Capture The UFC Bantamweight Title?

By | 4 Comments

We take a look at tomorrow night's matchups at UFC 169 and battle each other with our expert opinions.


‘Slow & Hot With Brittney Palmer’ Keeps Getting Worse, But At Least This Time She’s In A Bikini

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I bet you didn't think 'Slow & Hot with Brittney Palmer' could get worse. Here she is sitting still. IN SLOW MOTION. Uh, in a bikini?


If You Steal Sneakers, Johny Hendricks Will Kick You in the Balls

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In Reebok's newest ad, UFC welterweight contender Johny Hendricks teaches a random dude why you don't steal a woman's shoes.


The UFC Coloring Book: You Know, For Kids!

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Want to get your kids a great gift? Try the UFC Coloring Book, featuring BJ Penn licking blood off his gloves and Anderson Silva's broken leg.


With Leather’s Watch This: Gabriel Gonzaga’s Broken Hand Will Make Your Eyeballs Hurt

By | 2 Comments

Gabriel Gonzaga looked too tired against Stipe Miocic on Saturday, but he actually broke his hand early in the fight.


Dana White Discussed Floyd Mayweather’s Chances In UFC And How Murdered He’d Get

By | 8 Comments

UFC President Dana White went on The Arsenio Hall Show and talked about Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s chances in MMA. He used the word "murdered."


‘Slow & Hot with Brittney Palmer’ Episode 3 Is Completely Horrible And The Best Episode Yet

By | 9 Comments

UFC ring girl Brittney Palmer continues her march into avant-garde art legend with SLOW & HOT episode 3. Watch a slam dunk in slow motion and feel AGONY


UFC on Fox 10 Live Discussion: Benson Henderson Vs. Josh Thomson

By | 202 Comments

Benson Henderson takes on Josh Thomson for the UFC's No. 1 contender spot for the Lightweight title at UFC on Fox 10 in Chicago.


UFC On Fox 10 Predictions – Henderson Vs. Thomson

By | 5 Comments

Tomorrow night on UFC on Fox 10, Benson Henderson's vengeful rage headlines a solid card, and here are our predictions.


Your MMA On TV Wrap-Up: Gina Carano Is A Fishnets Robot

By | 3 Comments

We take a look at recent TV appearances for your favorite current and former MMA stars, including Gina Carano in her underpants on 'Almost Human.'


GSP and Dana White Are Beefing Over Drug Testing, Monopolies And Probably Everything Else

By | 11 Comments

Why can't Georges St-Pierre and Dana White be friends? Besides the whole drug testing thing. And the market monopolies. And the everything else ever.


Fighter Dogs Power Rankings? Fighter Dogs Power Rankings.

By | 14 Comments

Our own Jessica Hudnall ranks the 13 best dogs in mixed martial arts, from Ronda Rousey's mastiff to Rener Gracie's mini Australian shepherd.


Attention Virgins: Episode 2 Of Brittney Palmer’s ‘Slow & Hot’ Is Here

By | 12 Comments

UFC Brittney Palmer's avant-garde new web series SLOW & HOT continues with episode two, which is, uh, her painting in slow motion for no reason.


UFC Fight Night 35 Live Discussion: Luke Rockhold Vs. Costas Philippou

By | 87 Comments

Luke Rockhold looks to bounce back from his UFC debut loss against Costas Philippou tonight at UFC Fight Night 35.

fox sports 1

UFC Fight Night 35 Predictions: Rockhold Vs. Philippou On Fox Sports 1

By | 4 Comments

Here are our always-accurate and incredibly mature and fact-based predictions for UFC Fight Night 35, live from Georgia on Fox Sports 1.


RIP To Cat Zingano’s Husband, Mauricio

By | 3 Comments

RIP to Cat Zingano's husband Mauricio Zingano, who was found dead on Monday at age 37.

call of duty

Anderson Silva’s Rehabbing His Broken Leg By Killing A Bunch Of Nazis

By | 2 Comments

TMZ reporters caught up with broken-legged Anderson Silva and found out that he's suddenly really into video games, including Call of Duty.


Chael Sonnen Threw MMA Under The Bus To Help Promote Grudge Match

By | 14 Comments

Chael Sonnen helped Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone prove that MMA fighters are "girls" in an international promo for the film 'Grudge Match.'


Pro-Tip: Don’t Home-Invade a MMA Fighter


If you're going to invade somebody's house, make sure their job isn't beating the crap out of people, because … well, you know, it won't end well for you.


The WWE Network Basically Makes The UFC Fight Pass Look Like The WCW

By | 104 Comments

At the 2014 International CES in Las Vegas, WWE CEO Vince McMahon announced the WWE Network, which makes the UFC Fight Pass look worthless.

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