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Here’s Why You Should Never Bet Your House On A Soccer Game, Stupid


A Ugandan soccer fan is now homeless following a bet on an Arsenal vs. Manchester United game. Also, he's got multiple wives. This is pretty weird, guys.


Help Kickstart Uganda's Best Action Film Director

By | 14 Comments

It was more than two years ago now that I first posted the trailer for "Who Killed Captain Alex," Uganda's first and best action film.


Uganda’s greatest action filmmaker is back!

By | 17 Comments

Anyone who reads this site can tell you exactly where they were when they first saw the trailer for Uganda's first action film, <a href="" target="_blank">Who Killed Captain Alex</a> ("lalala ACTION.

Uganda’s first action movie, ‘Who Killed Captain Alex?’

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The trailer for Who Killed Captain Alex, described as "Uganda's first action film", has hit the web.

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