Pillow Talk 2K9: The Most Slept-On Hip-Hop Albums Of 2009

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This 2009 Slept-On list covers the gamut of artists in the Hip-Hop realm.


“Harry Assh*le”

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My Shuffle caught me slippin'.

UGK 4 Life

“Bun B and Me”

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I made my first visit to TSS because a friend of mine told me the site had the then brand-new song, “Get Throwed.

UGK 4 Life

TSS Presents Smoking Sessions With Bun B

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If you ask any celebrity, they’d probably tell you that media day is nothing short of a royal pain.

UGK 4 Life

“Da Game Been Good To Me” – UGK 4 Life Listening Session

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Words by Khalid Strickland The first time Bun B soldiered on without his UGK co-defendant Pimp C, fans of the revered Port Arthur, Texas duo didn’t fret.

UGK 4 Life

Merci Beaucoup…

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I wouldn't usually listen to a song that starts off with Akon saying ".

UGK 4 Life

The Raw Report Presents Bun B: UGK 4 Life

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Watch <a href="http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001N3vGr5caWJl2Ff3uD3pTltKfWMkSzgs5vp0_TzNtp1hHhT8O8L8fr9WSFfpUX95SABna5APICD0PCaYvpVproIAVSaeyfOqgCJp6o58XuulN9PWPk58HaQ==">the trailer</a>.

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