OH GOOD: China Just Quarantined An Entire City For Bubonic Plague

By | 11 Comments

The Black Death just tried to stage a comeback in a Chinese city.

Edward Snowden

Those Nude Photos You Take With Your Phone? The NSA Has Been Passing Them Around The Office For Years.

By | 20 Comments

According to Edward Snowden, the NSA has a lot of amateur photography, if you know what we mean.


The US Military Just Debuted EXACTO, Their Version Of The Blue Shell

By | 6 Comments

Ever wish the Blue Shell was real? Now it is, and vastly more terrifying, with EXACTO!


Energetic Bear, Russia’s Power Grid Targeting Malware, Attacks The USA

By | 15 Comments

Energetic Bear is a cyberattack almost certainly originating in Russia that could cripple American power infrastructure. Happy Monday!

found footage movies

The FF In The ‘Fantastic Four’ Movie Might Stand For Something Else

By | 25 Comments

'The Fantastic Four' might be using a horror-movie gimmick to shake things up.


‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ May Need A Complete Rewrite Or Delay After Harrison Ford’s Injury

By | 83 Comments

'Star Wars: Episode VII' may lose Han Solo entirely, thanks to the whims of doors.

privacy invasion

Facebook Wants To Give You ‘More Control’ By Selling Your Browsing History

By | 34 Comments

Facebook adorably tries to pretend its latest privacy violation is a huge opportunity for you, the consumer.


Better Without Kinect: The Xbox One Gains 10% More Graphics Power By Ditching The Kinect

By | 7 Comments

Turns out that 'Better With Kinect' wasn't a legally binding claim for the Xbox One.


NOOOO! ‘Jupiter Ascending’ Gets Dropped From The Summer Schedule.

By | 14 Comments

We're going to have to wait a little longer to watch space wolfman Channing Tatum save Mila Kunis in 'Jupiter Ascending'.

i see this ending in fire

Oh, This Will End Well: The Government Is Developing Implants To Control Your Emotions

By | 22 Comments

DARPA wants to control your emotions, by cracking open your skull and filling it with electrodes. It can't possibly go wrong!

dead meat

Wherever You Go, Whatever You Do, The Brimstone Missile Will Still Kill You

By | 20 Comments

The Brimstone missile is not quite as fatal as Richard Marx. But it's fairly close!


AT&T’s New Fiber System Might Make Disasters Worse


Good news: AT&T is finally upgrading their infrastructure! Bad news: That might destroy disaster communications!


Of Course DARPA Wants To Teach Robots How To Team Up

By | 5 Comments

DARPA is teaching robots to team up to complete their objective. Which will probably turn into "Kill All Humans" at some point.


AT&T May Be Getting Ready To Eat DirecTV

By | 6 Comments

AT&T wants to eat DirecTV... and that may be a portent of things to come.

internet safety

The Vulnerability Just Discovered Within Internet Explorer Is Much Worse Than You Think

By | 14 Comments

Internet Explorer is vulnerable going back to IE 6... and that's even worse news than you think.


Someone Made ‘Real-Life Spider-Man Web-Shooters’ And They’re Something Out Of Mortal Kombat

By | 2 Comments

These "web-shooters" feel less like Spidey and more like you should be screaming "GET OVER HERE!"

civil liberties

More Paranoia Fuel: Police Can Now Film An Entire City From Above With ‘Wide-Area Surveillance’

By | 4 Comments

'Wide area surveillance' is now real and cheaper than a helicopter. Seriously.


Virus Shield, One Of Android’s Top Selling Apps, Was A Rip-Off


Virus Shield turns out to be even more of a ripoff than antivirus software generally is.


A Massive Theft Shut Down A Major Bitcoin Bank

By | 7 Comments

The bad news parade for Bitcoin continues, as a major Bitcoin bank is closing.

bad at humans

Glenn Beck Interviewed Google’s Eric Schmidt. Hilarity Ensued.


Google's chairman did not come off well in an interview with Glenn Beck, of all people. Yeah, we're surprised too.

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