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civil liberties

More Paranoia Fuel: Police Can Now Film An Entire City From Above With ‘Wide-Area Surveillance’

By | 3 Comments

'Wide area surveillance' is now real and cheaper than a helicopter. Seriously.


Virus Shield, One Of Android’s Top Selling Apps, Was A Rip-Off


Virus Shield turns out to be even more of a ripoff than antivirus software generally is.


A Massive Theft Shut Down A Major Bitcoin Bank

By | 7 Comments

The bad news parade for Bitcoin continues, as a major Bitcoin bank is closing.

bad at humans

Glenn Beck Interviewed Google’s Eric Schmidt. Hilarity Ensued.


Google's chairman did not come off well in an interview with Glenn Beck, of all people. Yeah, we're surprised too.


What Would Happen If Mount Vesuvius Blew Today?

By | 12 Comments

Mount Vesuvius is a ticking time bomb... and more people are sitting on top of it than you'd think.


Why The Comcast/Time Warner Merger Is Bad News For Cable

By | 4 Comments

Comcast and Time Warner are planning on merging... but instead of saving cable, it might just be the straw that breaks the camel's back.


The Real Reason You Should Be Worried About Net Neutrality And Online Gaming

By | 7 Comments

Net neutrality being struck down isn't the biggest threat to online gaming: The agency making the rules is.


REPORT: Smoking Is Even Worse For Your Health Than Previously Thought

By | 35 Comments

We all know smoking is bad for you. But if that wasn't incentive enough, it's even worse for you than you thought, according to the Surgeon General!


GameStop: People Are Buying New Consoles… But Not Games

By | 14 Comments

GameStop had a good year... but it wasn't because they sold any games.


Why CES 2014 Is The Beginning Of The End For Microsoft

By | 9 Comments

This CES was full of nothing but bad news for Microsoft. Why there's a lot of reason to be worried about some broken Windows.


Anybody On Google+ Can Now Spam You

By | 5 Comments

Google+ is about to become a massive spam factory, thanks to Google's new "innovation."


Sales Of Digital Music Declined For The First Time Ever In 2013

By | 2 Comments

Digital music is the most popular way to buy music, still... but it's losing ground.

our inevitable doom

A New Artificial Muscle Will Make Robots A Thousand Times Stronger Than You

By | 7 Comments

Oh, great, yes, let's give the robots artificial muscle. That will totally end well!

theoretical physics

Science: Gravity Doesn’t Exist And We All Live In A Holodeck

By | 26 Comments

Theoretical physicists may have just published preliminary work proving the entire world is essentially a holodeck. Also, gravity's fake.

gaming culture

Why Gaming Videos Are Being Targeted On YouTube

By | 15 Comments

Gaming videos are being targeted by YouTube's Content ID system, and costing some vloggers thousands of dollars. But why is this happening?


The FBI Can Watch You Through Your Laptop’s Webcam

By | 17 Comments

Got a webcam? The FBI can spy on you. Yes, they've probably seen you do "that." And probably "that" as well.

card skimmers

Credit Card Thieves Are Getting Disturbingly Good At Credit Card Thievery

By | 9 Comments

Credit card thieves have turned the card skimmer into a disturbingly simple and effective tool.


Comcast And Time Warner Cable Might Merge To Form A Single Rage-Inducing Clusterf*ck

By | 16 Comments

Comcast and Time Warner Cable might go together like peanut butter and sardines, but they may try it anyway.


Thanks To A New Electrode, You Can Now Taste The Internet

By | 2 Comments

A new electrode allows you to digitally simulate taste. Oh, yeah, this will end well.


The New iPad Mini Is A No-Show For Carriers


Hoping to get a 4G iPad Mini? So are the people who want to sell it to you.

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