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Sasha Grey Is Now The Victim Of An Online Hoax Claiming She Has Been Murdered In Ukraine

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Sasha Grey is at the center of another viral trend connected to the conflict in Ukraine, this time involving her grisly death.

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Here’s Frightening Dashcam Footage From The Deadly Shelling In Mariupol, Ukraine

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This dashcam footage captures the moments when Pro-Russian rebels reportedly began shelling the city of Mariupol, Ukraine.


Oliver Stone Took A Break From His Edward Snowden Movie To Chat About Ukraine And The CIA On Facebook

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Oliver Stone is hard at work on his new Edward Snowden movie, but he's still got time for a good CIA conspiracy theory.


In Shocking News, Vladimir Putin Is Once Again Russia’s ‘Man Of The Year’

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Russian President Vladimir Putin is once again 'Man of the Year,' a title he's held the title for 15 years straight.

Flight MH17

New Video And Photos Of The Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Crash Have Surfaced

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Amateur footage reportedly shows Ukrainian villagers reacting just minutes after the plane crashed.


Want To See An Angry Mob Toss A Politician Into A Dumpster? Of Course You Do.

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Earlier this year Vitaly Zhuravsky sponsored a bill in the Ukrainian parliament designed to crack down on political protest. And now this...


GIF: Anthony Davis’ Steal And Coast-To-Coast Jam


It seemed like this year's USA Basketball team would rely on outside shooting and scoring from slashing guards like James Harden to offset the loss of dynamic wings like Paul George and Kevin Durant.

Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal Played A Concert For Russian Separatists In Crimea

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Steven Seagal played a concert under a Donetsk People's Republic flag and was gifted a t-shirt with Putin's face on it.


People Are Pissed Off Over David Duchovny’s Russian Beer Commercial

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Self-proclaimed Ukrainian David Duchovny celebrated his Russian heritage in a new commercial for Siberian Crown beer, and people are upset.


The Wall Street Journal’s Hacked Facebook Said Air Force One Crashed In Russia

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The Wall Street Journal posted on Facebook that Air Force One went down. They were hacked.


A Howard Stern Fan Pranked MSNBC During Its Malaysia Airlines Coverage

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Krystal Ball, host of MSNBC's 'The Cycle,' fell victim to a very poorly-timed prank by a Howard Stern fan during her plane crash coverage.


A Malaysia Airlines Plane Carrying 295 People Was Reportedly Shot Down In Ukraine

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A Malaysia Airlines passenger plane has reportedly been shot down by a Buk missile, according to the Ukrainian government.


A Russian Fighter Jet Repeatedly Buzzed Past The USS Donald Cook In The Black Sea

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Tensions are building in the Black Sea as a Russian fighter jet repeatedly buzzed past a US Warship.


Ukraine’s Human Barbie Believes Ugliness Is A Symptom Of ‘Race-Mixing’

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Valeria "Human Barbie" Lukyanova hates you and your ugly kids.


Steven Seagal Has Become Putin’s Dennis Rodman

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The guy who gropes his assistants and killed a puppy with a tank calls Russia's invasion of the Crimea "very reasonable."


Putin's Top Aide Wants You To Know That Tupac Is The Only Thing That Interests Him About The U.S.


Vladimir Putin's top aide Vladislav Surkov laughs at US sanctions, loves Tupac, Ginsberg, and Pollock.


Stephen Colbert Is Here To Educate You On The Difference Between Tyler Perry And ‘The Ukraine’s Ballsack’


Come for Colbert's too short yet still wonderful Madea impersonation, stay for a catch up course on "The Ukraine's ballsack."


Steven Seagal Went On Russian TV And The Way He Pronounces 'Ukraine' May Shock You

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Steven Seagal went on Russian TV to explain the Crimea situation, and the way he pronounces "Ukraine" may shock you.


A Drone Captured The Mayhem Going On In The Ukraine. The Result Is This Insane Video.


A drone managed to capture all of the hellish protesting in Kiev, Ukraine. Brutal.


Your Guide To What The Hell Is Happening In Kiev

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Kiev is in flames, in a story that started a long time ago. Here's what you need to know about what's happening in the Ukraine.

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