Plies, Uncle Luke Like’Em “THICK”


Expect an equally ratchet video on the horizon.


The Debate Is Over: LeBron Is Better Than Michael, Writes Luther Campbell

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In his own unique way, rapper Luther Campbell explained why today's analysts are too chicken to call LeBron James the best of all-time.


Lil Wayne Not Banned From NBA Events, Will Continue Reign Of Terror

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In another case of he said, he said, <a href="http://www.tmz.com/2013/02/19/nba-lil-wayne-not-banned-untrue/#ixzz2LO9KcNfo">TMZ</a> is reporting that NBA Senior Director of Basketball Communications Mark Broussard has <a href="http://www.tmz.com/2013/02/19/nba-lil-wayne-not-banned-untrue/#ixzz2LO9KcNfo">denied banning Lil Wayne</a> from NBA events.


Uncle Luke Doesn’t Want Rick Ross To Believe He’s Really A Gangster

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The new year hasn't been kind to Rick Ross, thanks to <a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2013/01/rick-ross-car-shot">a publicized shooting attempt</a>.


2 Live Crew’s Uncle Luke: “Spike Lee is a bougie house negro”

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Luther Campbell, aka Uncle Luke, is surely best known for writing songs like "Me So Horny" and "Pop That Coochie" with 2 Live Crew, but he has warranted mention on this site a few times before, like when he starred in a Sundance short where he <a href="http://filmdrunk.uproxx.com/2011/12/2-live-crew-singer-to-bone-naked-zombies-in-sundance-short" target="_blank">has sex with some naked zombies</a>.

#south park

10.3 The Cooler

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Natasha Michael Vick Has Spent More Than $29 Million of the $31 Million He's Made Since 2008 [Complex] NYC Gym Teacher Claims 6-Year-Old Student Beat Him Up [The Sideshow] The Next Big Battle in Internet Policy [Slate] Uncle Luke Plans To Run For Mayor [...].


Tupac’s Eerie Interview About His First Shooting: “You Missed, Motherf*cker!”

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"You can do that lil' set me up in the studio shit in New York, but in California nigga, that's where the G's ride.


12.23 The Cooler

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Congressman Regrets Knocking Michelle Obama's "Large Posterior" [CBS] Shaq Will Compete At Wrestlemania [With Leather] Kid Rock, Detroit Church Donate Gifts To Needy [AP] Chicago Dealership Is Offering Free Cars if Bears Shut Out the Packers [LBS] Holiday Myths Debunked [CNN] Ranking Musicians by How [...].


2 Live Crew singer to bone naked zombies in Sundance short

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For most of us, Luther Campbell will always be the guy from 2 Live Crew, known for co-writing such tracks as "Me So Horny," "Hoochie Mama," and "Pop That Coochie," (although he also had a memorable turn in <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_U_%28documentary%29" target="_blank">The U</a>, the most memorable of ESPN's 30 for 30 documentaries).


4.28 The Cooler

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Jenn Yummy What the White iPhone 4 Says About the iPhone 5 [Gizmodo] Gary Busey Joins The Cast Of Piranha 3 Double D [FilmDrunk] Mailman Captured On Camera Taking A Dump In Citizen’s Yard [C&D] Top 10 Badass Girls In Film [Ask Men] The [...].


11.29 The Cooler

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<a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/?p=150227"> Lola Laren Willie Nelson Arrested For Drug Possession <a href="http://www.vladtv.com/video/33572/willie-nelson-arrested-for-drug-possession">[Vlad TV]</a> Nicki Minaj Shows Off Her Giblets At Thanksgiving Concert <a href="http://theurbandaily.com/music/theurbandailystaff1/nicki-minaj-shows-off-her-giblets-at-thanksgiving-concer-video/">[The Urban Daily]</a> What Are Derek Jeter's Non-Yankee Options.

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