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This Dad Tried To Get Revenge On His Teenage Daughter By Replacing Her Vodka With Water

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And this, people, is why you never try to get revenge on your teenage daughter.

#Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Has Given Up Booze, Which Is Great Because He’s Not Even 21 Yet

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The Canadian pop star has decided to reverse course and get his life together by cutting out alcohol and junk food.


A 46-Year-Old Texas Woman Got Some Underage Kids Drunk, Then Posted Video Evidence To Facebook

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If you're going to get underage kids drunk, don't take video. But if you do take video, please don't post it to Facebook.


This 20-Year Old Michigan Bro Is Really Proud Of His ‘Party For The Record Books’

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Anybody who has a problem with 20-year old James Taylor and 2,000+ people he's never met partying at his farm house “in the middle of nowhere is a spaz.


Florida Friday: Mom Arrested After Hosting the Awesomest House Party

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This is far from the craziest Florida Friday story we've ever reported, but the picture it paints of Florida house parties is just.

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