James Franco Is Being Scolded By That Instagram Girl’s 84-Year-Old Grandmother

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The Grandmother of the 17-year-old girl that James Franco perved out to online has some choice words for the star.

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James Franco Apologizes For Trying To Bang Teen, But Was It Actually Viral Marketing?!?

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Poor James Franco can't even apologize for trying to bang a teen without people thinking it's a viral marketing stunt.


Woody Harrelson crashes proms and deflowers virgins, according to awesome story

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After suffering the dishonor of being called one of the worst movies of the year <a href="http://filmdrunk.uproxx.com/2012/01/quentin-tarantinos-top-11-films-of-2011" target="_blank">by Quentin Tarantino</a>, the folks behind Rampart thought they had the perfect promotional strategy to turn things around, a Reddit AMA ("ask me anything") with Rampart star Woody Harrelson.

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