This Fighter’s Spinning Backfist Made Her Opponent Hit The Mat Like A Ton Of Bricks

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Recently, at something called Blackout FC 26, amateur fighters Jessica Middleton and Holly Torrez threw down.


This MMA Knockout Is So Loud It Might Make Your Ears Bleed

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Recently at something called Say Uncle Fight Night 2 in Sheffield, England, Veronica Macedo took on Chrissy Audin in an amateur flyweight fight.


Here’s An Amusing Compilation Of Spinning Kicks And Punches

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With one question to Carlos Condit at the UFC 143 post-fight press conference, Nick Diaz entered a glorious new phrase in the MMA lexicon - "spinning sh*t".


This Two-On-One MMA Bout In Russia Has A Most Unexpected Ending

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A Russian MMA contest devolved into a 2-on-1 handicap match, and the end result is surprising.


Here’s An MMA Knockout That Left One Fighter Pinned Against The Cage Like A Zombie

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In an amateur MMA fight, one guy gets knocked out but amazingly stays on his feet.


This Is What Happens When Two MMA Fighters Hit Each Other In The Nuts At The Same Time

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A new clip from the Fight Church documentary features an amazing double nut-shot knockout.


A Brief Discussion Of The One-Second Knockout In MMA

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Look at these knockouts. They are so fast, you better not blink!


In Soviet Russia, Your Knee Strikes Knock Out YOU


Russian ProFC MMA fighter gets knocked down with a kick and somehow manages to knock himself out with his own knee.


The Best And Bloodiest Fistfight Over A 45 Cent Debt You'll See Today

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Two guys got into a street fight over a 45 cent debt, and the results are hilarious.


And Now, A Two Hit Knockout

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Boxer Craig Vitale knocked out Joe Muir with a vicious two hit knockout. Boom, headshot.


A Russian Guy Came Out Of An MMA Crowd And K.O.’d His Opponent In 30 Seconds

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If we're naming off the ten things that make us the happiest, <a href="" target="_blank">guys who shouldn't be in MMA fights getting into MMA fights</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">everything in Russia being absurd</a> are in our top ten.


3 More Things You Should Never Do In An MMA Fight

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Last November, we compiled <a href="" target="_blank">a list of things you should never do in an MMA fight</a>.


Accidental Suplex Knockout? Accidental Suplex Knockout (And The Morning Links)

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Here's something you don't see every day: an accidental suplex knockout.


A Belgian Goalkeeper Dove To Stop A Shot, Went Headfirst Into The Post, KO’d Self

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I've seen a lot of unfortunate stuff during soccer games -- not limited to <a href="" target="_blank">fans throwing grenades at players</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">a kid in San Francisco running the length of the field to score a goal on her own team</a> -- but I've never seen anything quite as coincidentally unfortunate as what happened to Sporting Lokeren goalkeeper Boubacar Copa Barry during Sunday's game against Club Brugge in the Belgian Pro League.


Another Dumb ‘I Dare You To Knock Me Out’ Knockout

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Back in October, we shared with you a clip of an MMA fighter deciding he was an invincible character from Bloodsport, making the COME AT ME BRO gesture to allow his opponent a bunch of free shots and <a href="" target="_blank">getting knocked out like a goon</a>.


Make Tuesday Morning 100% More Violent With '100 Knockouts Strike Back!'

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Check out our third "100 Knockouts" special, featuring the sport's wildest finishes from across the globe.


The Best UFC Knockouts Of 2012 And Thursday Morning Links

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I don't know how far into 2012 we're allowed to shared Best Whatevers Of 2012, but here are year's best MMA and UFC knockouts.


3 Things You Should Never Do In An MMA Fight

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Okay, four things, if you count "don't get a tattoo that says 'RELENTLESS' in a third grader's print going down the back of your arm" as a thing.

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