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This video's title is the SEO-friendly "Breakdancer kicking girl knockout", but I have two problems: 1.

Wednesday Morning Links Are Going Down

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Behold: The 44-Year Old Horrifying Stomach Spinkick Of Doom

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What you're watching is the (No Self-) Respect Fighting Championship 6 Pro -88kg bout wherein Jörg Lothmann knocks out Jeffrey Waltmans with a spinning kick to the face and an admonishing-a-dog-style slap to the back of the neck.


The Best And Worst Of Jay Beagle Vs. Arron Asham 10/13

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What you need to know, courtesy of <a href=""></a>: Caps rookie Jay Beagle went looking for a fight with Arron Asham, one of the toughest middleweights for the past decade.


Floyd Mayweather Reminds You To Keep Your Head On A Swivel

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Ortiz complained after the fight that he was still addressing the ref when Mayweather landed his two-punch sleeping pill, and some people have called Mayweather’s attack cheap and dirty.


Kimbo Slice Murders Hilarious White Nobody

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Kimbo Slice made his professional boxing debut at Buffalo Run Casino in Miami, Oklahoma, on Saturday night.


LeBron James is the Best Dunker at this Kids Basketball Camp

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This video uploaded yesterday to YouTube features LeBron James showing up at a kids basketball camp to speak and play a few harmless games of "Knockout", and it is everything you'd expect from him.


The Best Kick You’ll See This Year

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Sometimes we come across videos that have no description other than "zOMG TH1S GUY GOT R0cK3D.

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