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Taylor Swift’s Halloween Costume Might Be The Most Taylor Swift Thing Ever

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Taylor Swift dressed up as a unicorn with wings for Halloween, because of course she did.

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Watch A Tutu-Wearing Unicorn Videobomb A Florida Reporter On Live Television


Jacksonville reporter David Williams gets videobombed by a unicorn wearing a leotard and tutu.

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Here's The Best Of Princess Kenny In 'South Park: The Stick Of Truth', You Bastards

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These 'South Park: The Stick Of Truth' compilations round up the best Princess Kenny moments and eight things to do in South Park before you die.


Someone Is Selling A Pair Of Unicorns On Craigslist For The Low Price Of $1.8 Million

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A Craiglist ad in New Hampshire is offering a pair of unicorns for the low price of $925,000 each, but there are also unicorn eggs for sale.

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The Littlest Millennium Falcon, The Littlest Unicorn, The Biggest Heist, And Afternoon Links

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Today's afternoon links, featuring the smallest Millennium Falcon papercraft, proof that cats love inflatable unicorn horns, and an undersized thief.


RZA Is Directing A Movie Based On Grant Morrison’s Happy Blue Unicorn

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Former Wu-Tang Clan frontman RZA is directing the movie adaptation of Grant Morrison's 'Happy!', a noir detective satire with a blue unicorn. No, really.


It’s Thursday, So Here’s Kate Upton, Puppies, Babies, And A Dude Dressed As A Unicorn


Sometimes it's important to take a step back and rejuvenate our spirits with the likes of nature, baby animals, baby babies, and classy cleavage.


FACT: The Best Way To Market A Tattoo Parlor Online Is With A Video Featuring A Unicorn Humping A Dolphin


For the first minute or so of this video, I had no f-ing clue what I was watching.


Intriguing Modes Of Transportation (and Links)


Jurassic Park Jeep hauling a companion cube.


The World’s Most Legit Rape Van

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My God, is that an AK-47-toting Viking riding a rainbow-sh*tting unicorn into outer space.


Links With Corgi Weiner Winks


100 Inexplicably Funny Google Search Result Suggestions [Uproxx] 2000 women dressed like sluts and marched on Toronto [WarmingGlow] What's Happening In Movie Rentals.

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Naughty Bear Will Hunt the Unibear


Another day, another it anymore, but then they went and put a clip of a unicorn bear on YouTube.


The National Pork Board Will Have None of Your Unicorn Shenanigans

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The National Pork Board, who were clever enough to cybersquat on pork.org and await the lucrative porn site buyout, have found something to keep them occupied in the meantime: sending out ridiculous cease and desist letters.

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