‘The Mail Never Stops!': Everything Newman From ‘Seinfeld’ Taught Us About The Postal Service

By | 6 Comments

If you ever have a question about the USPS, just re-watch 'Seinfeld' and allow Newman to fill in the blanks.


Amazon Will Soon Start Delivering On Sundays

By | 16 Comments

Ready to get your stuff from Amazon on Sunday? It's going to happen, thanks to the US Postal Service.


The Postal Service Is Destroying An Entire Series Of Stamps For Portraying Unsafe Sports

By | 6 Comments

The Postal Service is killing the "Just Move" series of stamps because they portray several athletic activities and sports performed without safety gear.


Have You Sent Your Last Holiday Card?

By | 2 Comments

Thanks to web sites like JibJab, eGreetings, and someecards, most of us tech savvy folks have bid farewell to the standard Christmas/Holiday card over the past few years.

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