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Watch John Kerry Apologize To France With James Taylor And The Song ‘You’ve Got A Friend’

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Secretary of State John Kerry brought James Taylor to france to sing a song about friendship.


North Korea Threatens To Attack The ‘Cesspool Of Terrorism’ That Is The U.S.

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We're all shaking in our boots. Not really, because we don't all own boots, and many of us are on meds that prevent shaking.

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‘Yankee Go Home!': Dramatic Footage Shows Turkish Protesters Attacking U.S. Sailors In Istanbul

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"Yankee go home!" A group of Turkish protesters attack U.S. Servicemen in Istanbul.

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No One Told Samsung That Landon Donovan Isn’t In The World Cup

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At least this isn't as bad as when they wished George Gervin and the Spurs good luck against Harold Miner and the Heat.


20 Countries Besides Canada Stupid People Are Threatening To Move To Because Of #Obamacare

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SOOOO, you might have heard that the <a href="">Supreme Court did something today</a>, I have no idea what that something isĀ -- even though our very own <a href="">Danger Guerrero explained it all using GIFs from "The O.C."</a> -- because I've been too busy looking up <a href="">clips of strippers</a>.

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Robert Green’s Blunder Creates A Draw

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<a href=""> Usually the only thing worse than kissing your sister would be a sporting event ending in a tie. Someone wins and someone loses, that's just the way is supposed to be. However, after yesterday's 1-1 draw with England, Team USA has to feel quite fortunate with the results. After an early <a href="">Steven Gerrard</a> goal, thanks in part to some beautiful ball movement, America was behind the proverbial eight ball to an England team that many expected to win.

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